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The British High Court of Appeal decided that a Jewish Free School discriminated against pupils on racial grounds when it limited admission to Jews only.

The case was brought by a woman who “converted” to Judaism under the Reform canon, which involves little more than an Allah Akbar declaration. Her child, naturally, was denied admission into an Orthodox school.

The court ruled that the admission criterion was ethnic rather than religious. Then Christian schools are also ethnic, because the pupils are children of Christian parents and made no conscious choice of religion themselves. It is also unclear why religious discrimination is legal while ethnic discrimination is not.

If the House of Lords upholds the appeal court’s decision, the twenty-three-centuriy-old system of Jewish education may fall apart under the onslaught of those who seek free education for their children in private Jewish schools. More likely, Jews will exclude the gentiles implicitly with measures such as private scholarships to Jews only.

Lest you think that the British court is just anti-Semitic, the Israeli High Court ruled years ago that the Jewish National Fund cannot refuse to lease Arabs land bought and developed with private Jewish money.

The G-8 demanded that Israel freeze the “natural growth” of the settlements. Arab countries were invited to the meeting while Israel was not.

And look who is talking:
the United States, which built on the occupied land of murdered Native Indians,
Russia, which holds Japanese Kuril Islands,
the post-Nazi Germany,
France, which slaughtered millions in Algiers and Indochina,
Japan, which cannot pinpoint Palestine on the map,
and Britain, which conducted a bloody conflict in Northern Ireland instead of allowing it independence.

The Prophets told us that salvation will come when all nations turn against Israel. Only in our age of globalization did that become possible.

Hezbollah’s puppet Nabih Berri has been reelected as the Lebanese parliament’s speaker. The move reestablishes the pre-election balance of power where Hezbollah had effective veto power.

As we had expected, Hezbollah retained its grip over the Lebanese political system despite the electoral loss.

The Spanish parliament voted to limit judges to local cases. Liberalism and freedom succumbed to civic nationalism, and Spaniards will no longer fight windmills abroad, allowing foreign atrocities to run their course.

The new law leaves the Spanish Judge Andreu still more interested in prosecuting IDF’s top brass for killing a Palestinian terrorist along with his family, because the case may be the last of its kind.

Mousawi has publicly promised to hold only legally approved demonstrations. Major ayatollahs demanded prosecution of the organizers of the riots, down to death sentences. The Grand Ayatollah Khamenei appears to have blocked Rafsanjani’s attempt at impeaching him.

The clerical government has lost much of its public legitimacy, but the winner is the relatively secular Ahmadinejad rather than the democrats. In the next few years, Iran is more likely to slip into secular demagogic authoritarianism of the Syrian type than to become a model democracy.

Israel’s greatest danger is a democratic Iran. We befriended the Shah, and Israel even helped him with building a nuclear bomb. A democratic Iranian regime would build nuclear weapons, and eventually a sufficiently mad ruler would come to power.

The army launched an investigation against the Jewish teenagers of Kfir battalion who took cigarettes from the home of a Palestinian terrorist during a routine raid.

A big deal, indeed.