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Arab MKs and other scum lashed out against Israeli Public Security Minister Aharonovitch, who ascended the holiest Jewish site.

A previous visit by an Israeli public leader, Ariel Sharon, sparked the Second Intifada.

When Jews took over the Temple Mount in 1967, IDF Rabbi Shlomo Goren urged Moshe Dayan to blow up the Al Aqsa abomination immediately, as Jewish law unequivocally commands. Dayan retorted that he did not want a second Vatican here. This fear of strengthening the religious camp drives the government’s refusal to cleanse our holy site of Muslims.

The meeting between the Israeli PM and Obama’s envoy was canceled as the two sides cannot agree on the framework for a settlement freeze.

The stakes are too high by now. Capitulation would cost Netanyahu the support of the right-wing. Arabs would see Obama’s compromise as a betrayal.

What the Hussein did not learn in his Harvard classroom is that hopes are combustible. He has inflated Arab hopes too much, and stepping away from the settlement freeze may lead to serious riots.

Obama reinstated the US ambassador in Syria. Four years ago, the allegedly unprincipled Bush recalled him to protest Syria’s involvement in the assassination of the Lebanese leader Hariri.

The Hariri murder trial is stalled, Syria has refused to extradite the suspects, and a Lebanese court has released the conspirators.

Obama posed initially as a person of high ideals, but has now switched to the profile of a realpolitiking cynic willing to abandon all moral principles for the chance to negotiate with the world’s worst dictators.

In a last-ditch effort to prevent Jewish lands from being transferred to the government, which leases them to Arabs, the Kadima delegation at the JNF reversed its vote.

Dominated by leftists, the Supreme Court may not approve the vote-switch, which would prevent the landódeveloped with private Jewish fundsófrom being leased to Arabs.

An Israeli roadblock near Tulkarm has reversed its operation: it no longer checks Palestinian terrorists, but prevents Jews from entering the Arab town.

In recent years IDF had quietly removed most of the roadblocks, which had proved so effective in intercepting Palestinian terrorists.