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Pounding a superfluous nail into the coffin of his peace offer, Netanyahu demanded that Israel be allowed to forcibly demilitarize the Palestinian state at any time. The Palestinians, or any self-respecting people, would never accept that.

Netanyahu claimed that the current arrangements for demilitarization of Hezbollah and Hamas are not effective. Sure—the US supplies military equipment to Lebanon, and Iran supplies to Gaza.

If, however, demilitarization of Hezbollah and Hamas is not effective, why not attack them and demilitarize forcibly, as Netanyahu imagines we could do against the PLO? And what happened to his and Lieberman’s electoral promises to do away with Hamas?

On other hand, the last thing we want is Israel doing away with Hamas, which is the most potent force against the peace process.

The Israel Air Force installed a new simulator which lets pilots train against heat-seeking anti-aircraft rockets.

The problem is, the Russians have long been using optical heads for their anti-aircraft missiles.

In the competition between defense and offense, offense always wins. In the long term, missiles doom aircraft in the same way artillery doomed fortresses.

After Netanyahu extended Dagan’s term for another year, his ministers asked that this be his last term in the office.

Israel traditionally limits the Mossad chief’s term to restrict his influence on political matters.

Meir Dagan has been highly successful in restructuring Mossad over the last few years after the agency became a CIA-type behemoth wedded to signal intelligence, without the daring spirit and emphasis on outstanding personnel that was characteristic of its earlier years.

Shimon Peres called on Ahmadinejad to step down in the wake of the Tehran protests. Undoubtedly, though, a much higher percentage of Israelis hate Peres that Iranians hate Ahmadinejad.

Netanyahu also confirmed our expectations by encouraging Iranian protesters in an NBC interview.

After confirming her pro-democracy position, Israel would now benefit from a brutal suppression of the protestors by the Iranian regime, which would make an attack on Iran somewhat more politically correct.

Leftist media made Hebron settler Zeev Braude into a monster bent on killing Arabs.

In the Supreme Court, police asked the judge not to press charges against Braude, who had clearly acted in self-defense, because that would make the police look bad with the media.

Now Braude is not only cleared of charges, but has received his rifle back—a highly unusual step by the police, who generally use every possible trick to take away settlers’ weapons. It is the police’s way of saying, “we’re sorry.”