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The defeated presidential candidate Mousawi has a choice of attending a public prayer with Ayatollah Khamenei and Ahmadinejad today, thereby signaling his acceptance of the election results, or risking exile.

Given the surprisingly large riots in Tehran on Thursday, Khamenei might refrain from exiling Mousawi. If the Ayatollah reneges on his threat, the protesters will be greatly encouraged.

After Netanyahu and Abbas offered their fake peace plans, Mubarak responded in kind. In the Wall Street Journal, Hosni demanded that Palestinian borders be finalized immediately. This despite that the Annapolis version has already been rejected by Netanyahu’s government, and this is clearly an impossible task given the contentious issues of Jerusalem and the settlement blocs.

As a final nail in the peace coffin, Mubarak demanded that the Palestinian state be contiguous—meaning that it should cut Israel in half with a Gaza-West Bank corridor, something out of question for the current Israeli government.

Residents of Jezreel Valley are fighting the government’s plans to build an international airport there, as no one likes the noise. The logical thing to do would be to expand the existing Ben Gurion airport near Lod rather than build a new one.

But this is about security rather than logic.

IAF has already abandoned its base near Lod and relocated to the Negev. A similar international airport in Jerusalem is closed due to the Arab threat. The Ben Gurion airport is within reach of Stinger rockets launched from Palestinian-settled areas.

The Israeli government is preparing for a Palestinian state two miles away from Ben Gurion airport. Since the Palestinians can close their airspace to Israeli traffic and otherwise endanger it, the government is seeking a slightly safer place for an international airport.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered the deployment of additional ABM systems on Hawaii to counter an utterly unlikely attack from North Korea.

If the United States considers the threat of a North Korean attack credible, why not destroy the reactor? Rather, hapless Gates conducts his usual political show.