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Jewish students clashed with Haifa University security personnel who refused them entrance to the lecture by Raed Salah.

Salah, a head of the Northern Islamic Movement, leads Israeli Arab resistance to the Jewish state. Despite organizing riots and openly inciting against Jews, he remains free. Jews who have said one hundredth of what Salah is preaching rot in jail for incitement.

Salah spoke at Haifa University to a cheering crowd of Arab students whom Jews are educating to become the future leaders of the PLO.

As Western media salivate over a new round of Iranian post-election riots, a few things beg clarification.

Mousawi and Ahmadinejad are two sides of the same regime. Mousawi represents more affluent Iranians, while lumpens support Ahmadinejad. Mousawi and Ahmadinejad deviate on not a single issue of foreign policy.

The riots are not unprecedented; a decade ago they occurred on a similar scale. The current round of street protests is a far cry from Monday’s 300,000-strong crowd.

Both Ahmadinejad and Mousawi accept Ayatollah Khamenei as the final authority, and Khamenei supports Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian security establishment is more than capable of crushing street protests, and more than willing to do so to show its power.

The directors of the World Zionist Organization approved a land swap which gives Arabs tens of thousands of acres of land developed with Jewish donations.

After Netanyahu offered the Palestinians an unacceptable—demilitarized—state, Abbas followed suit and demanded a state unacceptable to Jews—in the exact 1967 boundaries. Meaning, Jews should destroy hundreds of villages.

Even Jimmy Carter, a paragon of Palestinian resistance, accepted during his recent visit to Gush Etzion that the bloc must remain Jewish forever.