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Speaking in the Knesset, Mossad chief Meir Dagan estimated that Iran will have a nuclear bomb by 2014. The CIA’s wildly peacenik estimates put the acquisition date at 2011.

Israeli military intelligence expect Iran to enrich enough uranium for the bomb in 2009 and build the weapon a few months later.

Meanwhile, the IAEA chief for the first time announced clearly that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

While the relatively moderate Mousawi and his supporters rioted in Iran to protest the election fraud, Obama betrayed them by telling CNBC in an interview that there is no real difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousawi.

Druze and Christian Arabs massively rioted in Shfaram over a false rumor that someone uploaded a video on the Internet that was somehow insulting to some Druze leader. The Arabs fought each other with stones and firearms, which they possess in abundance, mostly illegally.

For some odd reason, Israeli police intervened to prevent the Arabs from killing each other. Afraid of the leftists, the police failed to act properly, allowing the Arabs to unite against the police. Several anti-riot vehicles were damaged.

As Meir Kahane used to say, “It would be wonderful for Jews and Arabs to live in peace. In the meantime, I’m waiting for Arabs and Arabs to live in peace.”

In a joint statement, the EU’s foreign ministers urged the Palestinians to form a joint Fatah-Hamas government. Ominously, the EU omitted its traditional demands of Hamas: abandon terrorism, recognize Israel, and abide by the PLO’s previous agreements with the Jews.

At the same time, the foreign ministers refused to upgrade the EU’s relations with Israel—in protest of our slowness in capitulating to the Palestinians.

In addition to closing cargo crossings, the Israeli government has forbidden Gazans from traveling to the West Bank, except to see close relatives.

The policy is not as bad as it sounds. The Gazans can travel through Egypt and Jordan. Israel, like any sovereign country, is not obliged to issue transit visas.

In his Sunday peace speech, Netanyahu carefully rejected the American peace efforts while maintaining his image as a peace-loving fellow. He would gladly accept a Palestinian state, albeit on terms which the Palestinians would never agree to.

Now he is trying a similar tactic to handle the Shalit problem. Netanyahu has offered to release 1,750 Palestinian security prisoners in exchange for the Israeli corporal—up from the 1,000–1,500 for which Hamas had asked before—but none of the murderers.

Netanyahu tactic is again immoral. It took so much risk to Jewish lives to arrest even these 1,750 minor offenders that swapping them for a single corporal denigrates the soldiers who conducted the arrest raids.

With the IDF’s help, Fatah has so far prevented a Hamas takeover of the West Bank, but everywhere else Hamas has won: it controls Gaza and the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, and now wages a war against Fatah in Lebanon for control over the refugee camps there.

Someone—probably Hamas—assassinated Ahmed Khalil, Fatah’s leader in Lebanon.

Once Hamas controls the camps, it will reject any peace treaty which does not provide for their return to Israel.