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The US-trained Palestinian police demand the right to equip their Russian-donated APCs with heavy machine guns, which Israel so far refuses.

Heavy machine guns are useless in any operation against terrorists, and are likely to cause significant collateral damage. IDF soldiers routinely risk their lives to arrest Palestinian terrorists with light weapons, but Fatah cares not about their brethren.

The APC itself is useless in anti-terrorist operations, as it is an offensive weapon with only three to ten people inside.

Obama plans to continue talks with Iran despite the election fraud, the post-election riots, and Ahmadinejad’s refusal to negotiate.

A Fatah court sentenced a twenty-two-year-old prostitute from Schem to twenty years of hard labor for spying for Israel.

The sentence is much more lenient than the life sentence imposed on Pollard by our ally the United States.

Hamas prevented an Al Qaeda cell from assassinating Jimmy Carter during his visit to Gaza.