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Ahmadinejad stands a good chance of winning the elections, which would be perfect.

If a fake moderate like Mousawi wins, he will continue the nuclear program, but it would take the world years to build up hostility toward him comparable to what is felt toward Ahmadinejad. In the meantime, there will be no sanctions. Relatively soft-spoken Mousawi won’t antagonize the Westerners like Ahmadinejad did, and the fragile consensus against Iranian nukes will dissolve.

In Hijjah village in the West Bank, the Sawalha family killed their son Raed over allegations that the teen collaborated with Israel. Palestinians undertook to cooperate with Israel on security matters related to the Oslo Accords.

Raed’s father and uncle tortured him before his death.

During a video conference with the Spanish defense minister, UNIFIL’s commander reported that his troops were “searching for an Israeli spy ring.”

Instead of curbing Hezbollah’s weapons supply, UNIFIL troops cooperate with Hezbollah against Israel.

After meeting Netanyahu, EU policy chief Solana announced his intention to meet Hussein Hassan, the Lebanese MP elected on Hezbollah’s ticket. This is Hezbollah’s first official meeting with the EU.