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The Security Cabinet decided that Gaza crossings will remain closed as long as Shalit remains in captivity.

The problem is, if Shalit is returned can we open the crossings for Hamas to receive cement, pipes, and explosive components?

Speaking to A-Sharq Al-Awsat, Mashaal struck a familiar chord, “Hamas will not be an obstacle [to peace]. Everyone knows that Israel is the obstacle.” Hamas is all ready for peace; it is obstinate Israel who refuses to dismantle the towns and accept millions of Palestinian “refugees.” Hamas is on the peace offensive; it is Israel that rejects peace.

Mashaal praised Obama’s Cairo speech for substituting the word resistance for terrorism.

Famed Gaza Division Commander Brigadier General Moshe Tamir was demoted to colonel and put on probation for allowing his fourteen-year-old son to drive a military ATV. Moshe’s son crashed into a car, and the general paid the owner in full.

The leftist establishment refuses to recognize that once a man takes a weapon, he lives according to different rules, and it is no big deal for a teen to drive an ATV.

German concern Basell Polyolefine will help build plastic factories in Iran.

Fiberglass plastics are among the embargoed items because of their use in rocket manufacturing.

Talk about sanctions…

Speaking to Mitchell, Livni insisted that Israel must hold the places of “religious and historical significance,” which means the Temple Mount. Livni also implied that Israel cannot accept a Palestinian state before it ends terrorism.