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Ultra-Orthodox Jews rioted in Jerusalem after its mayor violated the status quo agreement which ended the Shabbat wars ten years ago. The mayor opened a car park on Sabbath to attract tourists.

Technically, Jewish law does not forbid gentiles from working on the Sabbath, including car-park operation and driving, but the commandment is clear that “no one should work in your towns.”

Anti-religious policies, supported by court decisions, fuel the exodus of religious Jews from Jerusalem because they cannot live in secular districts and the religious districts have become too small for their growing communities.

Obedient to their religious leaders, haredim are the most potent anti-government force among the subservient Jews. No other Jewish group would contemplate violent resistance to the anti-Semitic polices of the state.

The twelve Arabs who lynched Jewish soldier Nathan-Zada are being charged with minor offenses such as resisting the police and rioting. It took the prosecution four years to file even those ridiculously small charges.

Arab MKs blasted the charges as racist.

In the wake of the Gush Katif debacle, Nathan-Zada killed several Arabs in Shfaram. The Arabs lynched Nathan-Zada after Jewish police disarmed and arrested him.

Several Jews are serving life sentences in Israel for killing Arab terrorists after disarming them, but the prosecution is more lenient toward Arab murderers.

As his predecessors did, Obama “postponed” the 1995 Congressional resolution which called for moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There is not a single embassy in Jerusalem today.

Naturally, other countries side with Muslims rather than Jews. The only way for Jews to win international respect is to prove by military means that Arabs are  irrelevant.

Livni has become the first major Israeli politician to side with Hussein Obama. She supported his demand to stop natural-growth construction in the settlements.

Livni claimed that Bush never agreed to the settlement growth. Sharon’s advisor Dov Weisglass, a notorious peacenik, confirmed that there indeed had been an understanding with Bush on the settlement growth.

Livni’s position is the opposite of her election platform, in which she asserted that the settlement blocs would remain under Israeli jurisdiction under any peace treaty—and that curbing their natural growth is therefore senseless.

Livni has accepted the role of American puppet.

There is no doubt that the Hezbollah-led bloc will gain a majority, or at least veto power in today’s elections.

More importantly, Hezbollah’s victory crushes the fragile decades-old arrangement in the Lebanese parliament by which each ethnic and religious group had its place and quota. The upheaval may leave several parties, including the Druze and some Christians, opting for another round of civil war.

America pumped from 400 million to two billion dollars into Lebanese elections, mostly to bribe the voters. For Obama, the US failure in Lebanon presents a huge opportunity: he will claim he has no choice now but to engage Hezbollah and Syria in negotiations. Obama’s only bargaining chip in the negotiations will be Israel.