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Defiant settlers built the new Oz Yonathan outpost, named after Netanyahu’s brother, who was killed in the Entebbe operation. It is unlikely that the name will prevent Bibi and Barak from demolishing that outpost along with the others.

The settlers’ activity benefits Netanyahu by showing the Americans that he cannot reverse Israeli policy on settlement expansion.

Speaking at the newly rebuilt ‘illegal’ outpost of Maoz Esther, Hebron’s chief rabbi, Dov Lior, called on supporters to clear the country of “terrorists, their supporters, their backers, and their camels.”

Since Gush Katif, Zionist rabbis have become increasingly militant, though not nearly militant enough to call on good Jews to stand against the treacherous government.

After the months of pushing Israel toward a suicidal peace treaty with the Arabs, and a day after delegitimizing Israel by connecting her establishment with the Holocaust rather than with Judaism, Obama visited Buchenwald death camp in Germany—to study the other options, presumably.

After expressing fake sorrow over the victims, Obama flew to Paris for a party with his family.

America’s highest officials, such as the Chief Justice, usually take private trips abroad under assumed names, and pay for their foreign vacations. Obama’s family travel on government aircraft. Olmert faces criminal charges for billing his personal trips to the state.

Speaking in Cairo, Obama likened the Palestinian plight to the Holocaust.

The Palestinian killed in Friday’s routine riots near Niilin was properly shot with a rubber bullet, the army says.

The fellow, a known Hamas operative, had been arrested many times—and released to continue his anti-Israeli activities. It is not only the Torah, but also common sense that commands you to kill or at least expel your enemies rather than releasing them back into the West Bank after every arrest.

IDF’s mild reaction made Niilin a favorite spot for Arab and ultra-leftist rioters. The government does not allow the army to stop the riots there once and for all by using live ammunition.

Speaking in Cairo, Obama called on the Palestinians to renounce violence because the American blacks won equality through peaceful means.

Obama could not imagine that Arabs don’t know of the US Civil War which liberated the blacks. By comparing their struggle to destroy Israel with the American blacks’ struggle for liberation, Obama unmistakably urged the Palestinians to start a Civil War.

According to the IAEA report, Iran has 2,950 lbs of low-enriched uranium in Natanz, enough to quickly enrich up to 50 lbs to weapons-grade and make a bomb.

Iran also received uranium from North Korea.

Why should the president of the United States address the “Muslim world,” as Barack Obama will do in Egypt this Thursday? What would happen if the leader of a big country addressed the “Christian world”?

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