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In his Cairo speech, Obama affirmed that every nation, including Iran, “should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” That’s exactly what Iran argues for itself.

Iran is an NPT member and has the right to enrich uranium to commercial grade for reactors—which is exactly what it does now in Natanz. The problem is, it only takes two to three months to further enrich uranium to weapons-grade.

Accepting Iran’s right to the Bushehr reactor means opening for it the North Korean path of reprocessing spent rods for plutonium.

The fact that Ahmadinejad did not jump that same minute to accept Obama’s offer proves him mad.

Speaking in Cairo, Obama cited the Israeli-Arab conflict as the second major source of the rift. Obama ignored the context: it is Arabs who fight Jews and hate America for preventing the new holocaust. Instead, Obama put the onus on Israel by calling on her to stop the settlements. No need for a concomitant cessation of Palestinian terrorism, of course.

A sane person would start with the major problem, which is obviously Iraq. But Obama cracks down on the less important and thus irrelevant problem of the settlements. According to Obama, America’s major problem with Muslims is… colonialism. He mistook the Middle East for his Kenyan homeland. Most of the region was never colonized, and certainly America had no part in it.

Even if Obama somehow arranges for an Arab-Israeli peace treaty, it won’t end the Arabs’ hostility toward America. Arabs will hold it responsible for carving Israel from the “Palestinian homeland.”

Obama should better listen to Ayatollah Khomeini: Muslims hate America because it is the Great Tempter; for its pop and porn, Las Vegas and New York, jeans and Coke.

Speaking in Cairo, Obama called the situation of the Palestinians “intolerable.” The highest economic growth-rate among Arab countries, you see, is intolerable. And the Israeli roadblocks which stop so many terrorists—they are intolerable, too.

Obama did not refer to the situation in Sderot as intolerable.

Obama suggested that Jews can improve their security by lifting the Gaza blockade.