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A thirteen-year-old Palestinian boy entered Hawara checkpoint near Schem through a humanitarian corridor and attempted to kill a Jew with a knife.

What are we to do with him? The Palestinians reasoned correctly that the boy is too young to be put in jail for any considerable time.
Rabin told the troops to break the hands and legs of Palestinian youngsters. The Torah is unequivocal: they should be executed.

A country where young children fight us is a determined and respected enemy, not a ‘peace partner.’

When Ariel Sharon decided to destroy Jewish villages in Gaza, he relied on President Bush’s written promise to accept Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria as a de facto border change. We repeatedly argued that the promise was worthless.

During his meeting with Barak, Obama’s envoy Mitchell informed the Defense Minister that Obama will not respect another president’s promise.

No wonder. In 1956, Eisenhower forced Israel to retreat from Sinai, promising American intervention if Egypt closed the Tiran Straits. When Egypt did just that in 1967, America pressured Israel to abstain from preemptive attack rather than doing anything to reopen the Straits.

The Finance Minister revealed there are 400,000 foreign workers in Israel, and that three quarters of them, about a tenth of the Israeli workforce, are illegals.

The total number of illegals is estimated around 800,00010 percent of the population.

Though the illegals often take undesirable jobs, they take a lot of jobs away from the Jewish population too, especially in construction and low-end services. Israel subsidizes her jobless instead of evicting the illegals.

After the Supreme Court ordered Jewish villages to admit Arab residents, Jews began to search for a way to exclude their enemies.

Manoph and Yuvalim villages in Galilee took an innovative approach: all prospective residents must profess allegiance to Zionist goals. Though nominally non-racist, the rule effectively excludes Arabs.

Shlomi Katabi, the harsh police commissioner of Judea and Samaria, offered Army Radio an unusual interview in which he praised settlers as “the salt of the earth” and as pioneers, and lashed out against the “Tel Aviv state” of the leftists.

Now that he is leaving his post, he can tell the truth.