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The New York Times quotes the Administration’s officials.

The importance of UN resolutions is over-rated. Iran lives with scores of resolutions. And after two thousand years of international condemnations, Jews have gotten used to them.

Many proposed resolutions owe their lives to the prospect of an American veto. Other countries increase their anti-Israeli rhetoric, expecting the United States to veto the resolutions. Even an institution so corrupt as the UN cannot afford to pass dozens of resolutions against Israel without passing a single one against Hamas or Syria.

In the unlikely event that the United States ever ceases to veto hostile resolutions, their number would actually decrease.

As the IDF continued demolishing minor outposts in Samaria on Monday, the twenty-six largest outposts appeared to be safe for now, thanks to stiff opposition from conservative MKs.

Many outposts are built on Palestinian-owned land, but so are Haifa and Jaffo. Chicago too, was once owned by the natives.

The Americans are pushing Netanyahu to stop the settlement construction in a transparent attempt to bring down his government and install their puppet Livni.

Offended at the former president’s rejection of the plea agreement, the prosecution pushed for an ultra-fast trial, asking for four hearings a week. Katsav’s lawyers asked to be relieved, since they cannot work under such conditions.

The Jerusalem Post’s interview with Taiba’s mayor offers a glimpse of the money Jews expend on Israeli Arabs: the Arab town of 37,000 has a debt of close to $300 million, more in per capita terms than a typical Latin American country.

By assassinating Hamas’ top men in Kalkilya, Fatah crossed the Rubicon. The reconciliation talks in Cairo are dead, and Egypt has been greatly humiliated by its failure to reestablish a Palestinian unity government.

Egypt needs the unity government to enthrone Fatah in Gaza and prevent the Strip from becoming a base for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

The Americans want Hamas delegitimized in order to conduct Fatah-only elections and claim democracy in Palestine. Israel benefits from the Fatah-Hamas clashes because they stave off the peace process.

Abbas’ attacks on hugely popular Hamas frame him as an Israeli puppet, which dooms him in the next elections. Even if Hamas independents aren’t allowed to run, Fatah’s militant young leaders will make up the core of the Palestinian parliament.

IDF arrested MK Ben Ari for trying to stop policemen from dragging four children from the settlement of Yitzhar. The teens were hurling stones at the Arabs. No Arabs were arrested for hurling stones at Jews.

Following Mubarak’s decision to focus on Palestine rather than Iran, Egypt’s chief mufti issued a fatwa allowing the use of nuclear weapons for deterrence.

The mufti is stupid: in the fatwa, he claims that nuclear weapons cannot be used, but might be developed for deterrence. What is the deterrent if they cannot be used?

Announcing Mitchell’s visit to Syria, a White House spokesman declared that Obama’s intent to cooperate was based on “mutual interests and respect.”

The democratic president respects Syria’s brutal dictator, especially because they have a mutual interest in humbling Israel.