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According to Barak, Gazans receive more aid and cargo now than during the 2008 ceasefire.

After Mubarak’s envoys met Obama, Egypt reversed its stance on Iran.

Mubarak’s spokesman announced that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is more important for Egypt than the Iranian threat. The announcement, if not completely hypocritical, is a major setback for Israel, who expected to fly into Iran through Egypt.

Chances are, the Egyptians lie. A Palestinian state is the last thing they want, as it would give the Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals a safe haven in Gaza.

Not only Labor, but also Shas, Likud, and HaBait HaYehudi voted against Lieberman’s bill, which would require Arabs and haredim to pledge loyalty to the State of Israel.

During the deliberations on Lieberman’s bill, which would ban “Palestinian catastrophe” commemorations on Israeli Independence Day, it was revealed that Arab municipalities routinely use government funds to pay for the events.