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The Defense Secretary promised to hold North Korea responsible for any nuclear materials or technology it sells abroad.

Really? What about the Syrian reactor, or the April shipment of highly enriched uranium to Iran?

Iran publicly hanged the three terrorists responsible for the mosque bombing perpetrated two days ago.

The demented Jews keep terrorist murderers in jail for years before releasing them in prisoner exchanges.

Germany used to have the good sense to keep quiet when other countries condemned Israel.

Not anymore. The German FM joined Obama in demanding a total freeze on all construction in the settlements.

It would be nice to see a similarly vocal international demand on the Palestinians to freeze terrorism.

In a widely publicized leak, an unnamed official claims that atmospheric probes after the test did not show any traces of radiation.

So of course, we should assume that the communists brought 100-200 train cars of TNT underground and detonated them all at once. What nonsense.

Other downplay the test as merely a 4kt rather than, as we estimate, 10-20kt. The registered 4.7 earthquake magnitude in relatively porous rocks with plenty of natural cavities cannot indicate anything less than a 10kt blast.