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Obama liarSpeaking after his meeting with Abu Mazen, the Hussein announced that Israel must stop all settlement construction because it is the Jews’ obligation under the Road Map.

What a lie! The Road Map says not a word about construction inside the existing settlements. Ceasing the settlement expansion is clearly conditioned on the Palestinians’ curbing their national sport, terrorism.

To his fellow Muslim Abu Mazen, Obama did not use the word must, but vaguely asked him to improve security.

Having failed vis-a-vis Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, and Pakistan, Obama picks a fight with Israel.

The Hussein has exceeded our worst pre-election expectations of him.

Speaking in Washington, Abbas refused to conduct peace talks with Israel until it freezes settlement construction, agreeing de facto to destroy them all and leave 300,000 Jews homeless.

Even Arafat was afraid to speak so bluntly, but Abbas senses that he has Obama’s support against the Jews. Never mind the small print: Abbas’ term expired five months ago, Hamas rejects his authority, and Fatah rejects his government.

Israel continues tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority, which refuses to make peace with it.

As Rabbi Kahane remarked, this country needs a national coach.