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Gen. Jones, Obama’s national security advisor, claimed that North Korea is “a long way from developing a nuclear weapon.” Jones means that the North tested a clumsy device which cannot be fitted onto a warhead.

Why would North Korea deplete its small stocks of plutonium by testing a prototype?

Jones avoids the uncomfortable conclusion that North Korea already has a weapon and can sell it. He continued with his head-in-sand claim by naming North Korea and Iran as the two major threats, though clearly the biggest threat is Pakistan, which aggressively exports nuclear know-how and whose reactors are located in areas controlled by the Taliban. Since, however, Jones can do nothing about Pakistan, avoiding the issue is the way to go.

Jones had entertained high hopes that Russia and China would stop North Korea. The Koreans, however, openly spurned the Chinese mediation efforts. China does not fear North Korea and has little reason to put pressure on it. North Korea’s nuclearization diminishes American influence in the region and thus improves the Chinese position. The Russians have had no influence whatsoever on North Korea in the past few years.

The North Korean nuclear problem can be tackled with a handful of ballistic missiles, but the West is too cowardly for that.

Before the US elections, Hillary Clinton was touted as a supporter of Israel. Not anymore.

Clinton repeatedly lashed out against Israel in words unthinkable even for Truman or Carter. This time, Clinton announced that the sovereign state of Israel must stop the settlement construction, which Obama has made clear to Israel. She reiterated that Obama wants to see a stop to the settlements (who cares what yet another Hussein wants).

As we predicted, Clinton rejected even the natural-growth exception. Obama agreed to the Arab demand that Israel pull back into the indefensible 1948 borders.

The Israeli government rejected calls to stop natural settlement growth. Netanyahu seems to be on a welcome crash course with Obama.

Sort of… The Amnesty International report places on Israel sole responsibility for breaking a six-month truce with Hamas. Israel allegedly broke the truce by killing six Palestinian guerrillas and invading Gaza. The Amnesty is unconcerned with the context: the guerrillas operated to abduct Israeli soldiers and Israel was continually shelled from Gaza.

The leftists also accused Jews of denying Gazans treatment in Israeli hospitals. Does the US treat all the poor Mexicans?

Ovadia Yosef’s son Rabbi Yaacov, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Steiner of Mercaz HaRav, and other prominent Zionist rabbis issued a halachic statement barring IDF soldiers from taking part in the evictions of settlements and outposts. As the rabbis note correctly, no Jew can be evicted from any part of the Land of Israel for political reasons.

What the rabbis did not say is that every Jew, women and children included, is obligated to fight the eviction orders under the commandment of milhemet mitzva, an obligatory war which we wage unquestioningly when anyone wants to take or surrender any part of the Land of Israel.

In practice, religious soldiers are generally given leave from the eviction operations.

While Obama calls on the ayatollahs to negotiate no-one-knows-what, Ahmadinejad has announced that his country has doubled the number of its centrifuges to 7,000 this year.

After the fifth interrogation of the FM, the strongest police charge against him is obstructing justice. Lieberman attempted to change his companies’ names in order to mislead the investigators. It is impossible, however, to prove his malicious intent.

The other charge is money laundering, which would be really hard to prove because the police cannot show that the money came from illegitimate sources.

It seems that police failed to prove that money from Cyprus accounts ended up in the Lieberman campaign’s coffers.

Though Lieberman will likely be indicted, the charges against him are very weak.

Obama banned Apache sales to Israel lest Jews use the helicopters against peaceful Palestinians.

The only problem is, where did the Hussein find peaceful Palestinians?

Bedouins attacked an Egyptian police roadblock in Sinai.
The Egyptian government’s attempts to stop arms- and blacks-trafficking put it on a collision course with local Bedouin tribes, who profit from the smuggling. Bedouins usually express their grievances against the government by terrorist attacks on the Egyptian Red Sea resorts.