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The HaBait HaYehudi (Jewish Home) faction of the Knesset won preliminary approval for its bill, which slaps with a jail sentence anyone who rejects Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

We don’t know what is so Jewish about an Israel which violates Shabbat, Pesach, Yom Kippur, and every conceivable commandment. As for democracy—the Arabs’ right to change the country’s flag to green—we reject it.

Netanyahu canceled his visit to France to avoid embarrassment over its failure.

Following the American decision to stop all North Korean ships for inspection to curb nuclear proliferation, the communists formally rescinded the armistice with South Korea and promised retaliation. North Korea also re-launched its reactor and started reprocessing of spent uranium rods into plutonium—the scenario we have repeatedly predicted for Iran’s ‘peaceful’ Bushehr reactor.

This is becomeing increasingly interesting. North Koreans are clearly inviting an American strike on their nuclear facilities. With several nuclear bombs at their disposal, they might be betting on soundly defeating the United States in a South Korean proxy war. The communists are counting on Obama not to use American nukes against them.

Obama will try to muster a coalition with Russia, and perhaps China, to attack North Korean nuclear installations.

The High Court heard a petition by Olmert’s lawyers to defer his case for a few months while he undergoes treatment for prostate cancer. Sure enough, the Olmert-haters denied the petition.

In fact, there was no hearing. The judges ‘recommended’ that Olmert’s lawyers withdraw their petition. In any normal country, such a recommendation—a trial without a trial—would be considered a gross case of corruption, and would lead to public outcry. In Israel, such recommendations are the norm.

Acting on orders from Netanyahu and Barak, IDF demolished a mighty illegal outpost near Hebron: a tent on the Federman’s Farm.

Netanyahu imagines that if he dismantles the outposts, Obama will agree to allow natural settlement growth to accommodate their booming population. In reality, just like a dog given a bone, Obama will demand another one.

Following MK Arye Eldad’s suggestion that Jordan grant citizenship to the West Bank Palestinians, the Jordanian FM delivered Israel a note demanding a “clear explanation of what took place in the Knesset.” While the insolent Jordanians should be scolded accordingly, Eldad’s offer is nonsense.

The PA issues its own passports, accepted by over seventy countries, including Western Europe.

In a game of hot potato, Israel tries to pass Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan, who are only happy to abandon the unruly Palestinians to Israel.

Adwan Yihya Farhan of Galilee will be sentenced for the murders of four Jews, among numerous other crimes. He will spend a comfortable life behind bars, at the expense of Israeli taxpayers.

The Torah prescribes execution.