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The Foreign Minister called on the government to accept the Road Map peace plan formally, because the Palestinians will never honor their commitments to curb terrorism, and so the two-state plan will never materialize.

A good PR trick, but the world will keep pushing for a two-state solution regardless of the Palestinians’ failure to deliver on their commitments.

The High Court rejected a bid by Israeli universities to force IDF to grant entry permits to all Palestinian students. Leftist deans at six of the nation’s seven universities want Palestinians to study chemistry, nuclear physics, Israeli law, and equally dangerous subjects.

Rabbi Kahane was adamant that Israeli and Palestinian universities produce future leaders of the PLO. Educated Palestinians are the most dangerous enemies.

Though nominally a victory for common sense, the court’s ruling allows each Palestinian student to appeal the IDF’s refusal to the High Court directly. Soon the court will be overwhelmed with thousands of petitions, and then it will force the IDF to change its rules.

No country grants a visa to everyone who wishes to study there, but leftists want Israel to offer subsidized education to her enemies.

A married Israeli man petitioned the High Court to stop the deportation of his Palestinian boyfriend, a convicted drug dealer who was in Israel illegally.

Palestinian negotiator Abu Ala declared that an Israeli return to the 1949 (1948, actually) borders would solve 70 percent of the problems. Imagine the rest of their demands.

On a positive note, Abu Ala made a groundbreaking offer to Israeli settlers to accept Palestinian citizenship. That is a sensible solution along the lines of the one which we advocate. A lot of settlers would accept Palestinian passports for the privilege of remaining in their homes rather than being evicted by the Jewish army. In practice, Israel would guarantee their security. As Jews, they can enter Israel any time, even daily for work, education, and treatment.

Earlier, the Palestinians had rejected the citizenship option for settlers.

It remains unclear whether Abu Ala’s opinion is his own or Fatah’s. Recently he lost his position as the chief negotiator. Abu Ala’s position in Fatah steadily eroded after he left the prime minister’s office.
Hamas is ambivalent about allowing Jews in the Palestinian-ruled territories. In a meeting with the Neturei Karta sect, Hamas welcomed Jews to live under Palestinian jurisdiction, as did Ahmadinejad. In political speeches, Hamas leaders remain adamant that no Israeli will be allowed in the Palestinian state.

Providing Jewish settlers with Palestinian citizenship is the best way to solve the settlements issue. The Israeli government is politically incapable of expelling 260,000 Jews from the settlements. Palestinians, encouraged by the example of the Egyptians and Lebanese who got 100% of their land back from Israel, cannot accept any Israeli settlements to remain.

Just as in every Arab country, Palestinian law forbids land ownership by non-Arabs, but modifying it to allow the Jews to stay in their villages seems a minor inconvenience.

At a time when Obama and Arab leaders have failed to work out an acceptable peace initiative, Abu Ala’s offer of Palestinian citizenship to Jewish settlers offers a solution.