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As we predicted, North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. With tongue in cheek, the test was scheduled for Memorial Day.

With a blast equal to a magnitude 4.7 earthquake, the test was successful and involved a decent 15-30kt nuclear weapon.

Besides a flurry of international condemnations, nothing will be done against North Korea, nor there is anything that could be done. The closed communist economy is immune to sanctions, humane Westerners won’t stop aid to the starving population, and some plutonium is certainly stored elsewhere besides in the known facilities, which are themselves deep underground where they cannot be destroyed with conventional weapons.

A nuclear strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities is the only way to show the communists that proliferation is inadvisable, but no one would undertake this step.

Obama is especially interested in letting North Korea off the hook, as the example of South Korea would teach Israel that it is possible to live alongside a nuclear-armed enemy by relying on American security guarantees. To live for some time, at least.

Democratic rulers like Obama are only interested in the short term. In the long run, rogue nukes diminish American influence worldwide as other countries develop their own nuclear deterrence.

In the domino effect, Japan and Vietnam will be hard-pressed to openly launch their nuclear programs. South Korea will continue relying on the United States, but will probably launch a covert nuclear program of its own.

For Israel the big question is, who did North Korea sell its nuclear weapons to, Iran or the terrorists?

The Labor MKs appealed Lieberman’s bill, which would slap Nakba demonstrators with up to three years in prison.

On the day when Jews celebrate independence, Israeli Arabs, naturally, commemorate Nakba, the day of national catastrophe. Never mind that they did not think of themselves as a nation then.

The Laborites, including Welfare Minister Herzog and a former Ben Gurion University dean, say the ban violates the Arabs’ freedom of speech. By that token, we should allow Neo-Nazi propaganda, as well.

Faced with intense criticism from the right for acceding to American demands to demolish the outposts, Netanyahu called on the nation to ignore such ‘minor’ differences and unite around him to face Iran.

The problem is, Netanyahu isn’t bombing Iran, either. And why mix the two things? We would support a government which bombs Iran, but need not unite around someone who evicts Jews from the hilltop communities.

Netanyahu cynically uses the Iranian threat to push Israelis into obedience to his treacherous policies.

For the first time in its modern history, Iran projected its military power beyond its regional sphere of interests.

The Iranian Navy dispatched six warships into international waters.

Barak advocates filing criminal charges against the mayors of legal settlements for not uprooting the outposts which spring up in their territories.

Israel’s dove-for-hire has become increasingly militant in recent months, denouncing the Gaza withdrawal and confronting Obama.

Speaking to a US Congressional delegation, Peres rejected the idea of Jews abandoning Judea and Samaria while the rocket fire from Gaza continues.

The question is, can we leave Judea if Arabs cease their attacks for a few months?

As we have predicted, Ahmadinejad refused any negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program because there is really nothing to discuss: the ayatollahs want the bomb.

Ahmadinejad’s statement is certainly linked to North Korea’s successful nuclear test. Earlier, we asked who is North Korea’s customer: Iran or the terrorists? Apparently, the communists sold their plutonium bomb to Iran. Now Ahmadinejad need not fear Israeli attack and can openly rebuff Obama’s reconciliation efforts.

Another scenario is possible: North Korea tested an Iranian nuclear bomb rather than its own. North Korea’s own design was faulty, as the first testproved. The recent North Korean shipment of uranium to Iran was a payment for the bomb’s design, which the ayatollahs shared with the communists. Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful, and so had to test the bomb elsewhere.

With all the recent drills, the Israeli government seems to be gearing up to attack Iran, but whether Obama will give the go-ahead is still uncertain.

The PLO’s ambassador in Lebanon, Abbas Zaki, called on the Palestinian faction to accept any terms for the two-state solution because the Jews will lose, anyway.

Zaki’s words should be tattooed on every MK’s forehead:

The two-state solution spells the end of the Zionist dream. Abandoning Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria makes talk of the Promised Land and the Chosen People pointless. And all the Jewish losses and sufferings would lose their meaning.

After the Washington disaster, Netanyahu now heads into a similar confrontation with Sarkozy.

The result of their June 3rd meeting was predetermined by two recent demarches. The French FM demanded that Jerusalem become a Palestinian capital, and Sarkozy declared that regional peace is impossible without realizing the “long-time aspirations of the Palestinian nation.”

Their only long-time aspiration is slaughtering all the Jews.

At a press conference in Damascus, the Russian FM called on the West to accept the results of the June 7 Lebanese elections, which are certain to bring the Hezbollah-led coalition to power.

Speaking of appeasement, Russia is not alone. The British FM called for political negotiations with Hamas.