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Obama boldly said in a C-Span interview: “We are out of money.” A great leader telling the sobering truth to his nation.

Never mind that Obama is directly responsible for the debt, which is $1.7 trillion and growing.

In the same solemn fashion Obama tells Israel to cede her capital and core territories, and to try living with a nuclear Iran for a very short while.

At a Cabinet meeting, Lieberman voice his opposition to demolishing outposts except in the framework of a broad agreement with the Palestinians—a euphemism for ‘never.’

Netanyahu promised that ‘natural growth’ expansion would be permitted in the existing settlements.

It seems that the outposts are doomed. The few bigger ones will be relocated inside the nearby settlements.

Without the outposts, many settlements will again become vulnerable to Palestinian attacks. The outposts were erected on hilltops to deny the ground to Palestinian snipers.

After the Egyptian court ordered the Ministry of Internal to revoke the citizenship of Egyptians who married Israelis, the size of the problem became clear.

About 7,000 Egyptians live in Israel, married to Israeli Arabs. Israel grants them residency and eventually citizenship, instead of suggesting they move their new families to Egypt.

Seventy-two percent of leftists oppose attacking Iran, according to Tel Aviv University poll.

This time it’s not even about Israeli Jewish identity or religious goals: the leftist oppose our very existence.

During a meeting with Assad, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov blamed regional hostilities on Israel, “whose statements disturb the Arab world.” Lavrov’s pun is unmistakable: in Russian, ‘peace’ and ‘world’ is the same word, thus Israel disturbs peaceful Arabs.

Lavrov also met Hamas leader Mashaal and assured him of his future cooperation.

During Lavrov’s visit, Syrian media disproved the report that Russia halted MiG-31E sales to Syria.