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The Pentagon must update its operational plans. This is exceedingly strange.

Obama cannot be stupid to the extent of not realizing that his militant brouhaha closes the door to negotiations with Iran—even if he actually believes such negotiations could bear fruit.

There is a small chance that Obama’s opposition to an attack on Iran is similar to Egypt’s opposition to the Israeli operation in Gaza—an attempt to get Iran to let down its guard, leaving it unprepared for the raid. European rhetoric in support of stronger sanctions on Iran might also indicate a trend toward interest in attacking it: the EU countries prefer sanctions to military operations.

Obama will not include details of the peace process in his Cairo speech.

Fatah voiced forceful opposition to the plan, which bars the residents of Palestinian refugee camps from returning to Israel. Arabs would see such a plan, if unveiled in Cairo, as a major American assault on their rights. Unlike Jews, who don’t believe they have any rights and want a settlement, Arabs don’t deal in compromises.

Obama’s much-anticipated speech will certainly be another peace of empty rhetoric, trying to convince the Arabs that America loves them.

On his visit to Lebanon, Joe Biden promised American aid. And quite an aid package it is: tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets.

Biden conditioned the aid on the outcome of Lebanese elections, but the elections will finish nicely: Hezbollah may increase its parliamentary representation from 11 to perhaps 15 percent only. The problem is Hezbollah’s allies, which form the parliamentary majority.

Thus, American military aid to Lebanon is assured despite the fact that Lebanon is dominated, if not officially ruled, by Hezbollah.

The Lebanese army’s only possible enemy is Israel.

Instead of Mubarak, the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the head of security services will meet Obama.

They represent two rival branches of the Egyptian establishment, they passionately hate each other, and they neither wants to leave to the other the honor of meeting the American president.

Mubarak will hear Obama’s position on Iran from them before finalizing his own position and discussing it with Obama during his visit to Cairo.