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At the celebrations of the forty-second anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, the Israeli president and PM vowed to keep the city united under Jewish sovereignty. That’s a laudable show of defiance to Obama’s pressure.

The devil is in the details: according to Netanyahu, under Israeli jurisdiction the other faiths will enjoy unfettered access to their “holy” sites. The churches with “images of God” will continue desecrating the Holy Land, and Al Aqsa will occupy the Temple Mount.

De facto, Muslims will continue to enjoy sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Realistically, any peace treaty will cede Jerusalem’s Arab districts to Palestine.

The French Foreign Ministry lambasted Netanyahu’s commitment and demanded that Jerusalem become the Palestinian capital.

The British government has removed Israeli tourist ads from their subways. The contentious map pictured the Golan Heights inside Israel. The Syrian Embassy considered that offensive; starting three wars with Israel is apparently not so offensive.

When the Brits were less liberal, they used to proudly call their state, The Empire on which the sun never sets, including India and America in its boundaries.

A bit earlier, the Spaniards applied the same phrase to their vast empire. Now of course, a Spanish judge prosecutes IDF’s top brass for bombing a terrorist’s home in Gaza.

Ehud Olmert will undergo emergency surgery for prostate cancer in two weeks. He was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago, but refused to leave his office for several weeks of treatment, despite the rapidly enlarging tumor.