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One in seven prisoners released from Guantanamo returned to terrorist activity or affiliation, The New York Times reports.

In Israeli prisoner releases, the ratio is still higher, 45 to 70 percent.

The brave Israeli Army demolished the seven huts of the Maoz Esther outpost in Samaria which housed forty Jews.

Obama must be pleased.

The army then proceeded to demolish some unauthorized structures in the nearby authorized settlements. The government hesitated for a year before demolishing the bulldozer terrorist’s house, but who cares about those settler Jews…

Netanyahu has agreed to dismantle all the outposts built by Jews on the Promised Land.

Why is Hillary so hysterical about stopping all the settlement construction?

It would be understandable had she asked Jews to remove the outposts or refrain from building new settlements. But the Obama administration is pushing Israel for something very different: a total freeze on settlement construction. According to Obama, Jews are not allowed to build even inside the existing settlements, where no land-grab issue is involved.

The only explanation is that Obama envisages evicting 260,000 Jews from all the settlements.

When Israeli rulers turn into spineless traitors, we can only welcome Palestinian reticence in the face of American pressure.

As we predicted, Abbas flatly refused Obama’s proposal for resettling Palestinian “refugees” in other Arab countries.

Still better, Abbas refused to cede the Temple Mount to the UN.

Thank you, Chairman Abbas.

The Egyptian president canceled his trip to Washington, allegedly because of his grandson’s death. That explanation is rather unlikely, as Mubarak would normally smother personal grief if it were necessary in order to handle a big political issue. Besides, the grandson is not from the son most close to him, Gamal.

Instead, Obama will visit Cairo.

Iran’s test of the Sadjil-2 ballistic missile was apparently successful. The missile’s 1,300-mile range suffices to hit Israel reliably. Though Iran has very few such missiles and they cannot reach Israel with a heavy load, this development makes the Israeli Arrow-2 ABM obsolete.

Israel can still intercept Sadjil-2 rockets with the American X-Band radar, which Obama has threatened to remove.

That was peacenik whining. The truth is, Iran will be afraid to launch ballistic missiles at Israel for fear of massive retaliation. Israeli missiles are both better and more numerous than Iran’s—and the mullahs know that.

The real security comes not from defense, but from certainty of retaliation.