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The US Administration has announced full funding for Israeli Hetz (Arrow-3) ABM missile development. The Arrow cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear strike on Israel because the precious weapon is more likely to be brought inconspicuously in a sea container.

The US barrs Israel from profitable sales of Arrows to India. The American R&D aid does not even cover the cost of the lost export profits.

Obama has declared his intention that the Palestinian state must be demilitarized. At the same time, the US trains Palestinian commando battalions.

Panetta said in a Global Viewpoint interview that Israel certainly won’t attack Iran alone, and doing otherwise would mean “big trouble” for Netanyahu.

This confirms the superiority of our analysis of the Netanyahu-Panetta talks over Debka’s.

Despite his election-time promise to keep the Golan Heights under Israeli jurisdiction, Netanyahu promised Obama he would launch peace talks with Syria.

Abandoning the Golan Heights is the only basis for such talks.

A normal state would offer Syria peace in return for not bombing Damascus.

In a Senate speech, Clinton revealed that the Obama administration is trying to persuade the Iranians that they would actually be made less secure by nuclear weapons.

The idea is, since a nuclear Iran would spark a regional nuclear arms race, Egypt and Saudi Arabia would somehow threaten Iran.

The ayatollahs, of course, are not afraid of Egypt and much less of the Saudis. Neither country has any reason to wage a war on Iran nor any means to invade so vast a territory.

In a very welcome gesture, the Defense Minister rescinded the cuts in the settlements’ security allocations.

In recent months, IDF has abandoned its posts in several settlements and significantly decreased funding of various security measures, leaving the Jewish villagers exposed to their Arab enemies.

It is a popular notion that the country spends heavily on the settlers’ security. In fact, the allocations are minuscule compared to the defense budget, but the network of settlements plays a great role in the Israeli war on Palestinian terror.

Barak returned the security funds to the settlements even as the US administration urges Israel to repress them.

Not long ago, Moshe Katsav was forced to step down because of criminal allegations.

Now his successor, Dalia Itzik, is accused of misappropriating public funds for her house renovation.

Obama offered Netanyahu a deal: Israel agrees to divide Jerusalem with her Palestinian enemies, and they abandon their demand for refugee-return.

Sounds familiar? Exactly. This is a copy of the deal they have offered us before: if Israel agrees to cede Judea and Samaria to the Arabs, they will stop terrorism. When this deal was offered before, Israel agreed, the Palestinians reneged on their promise, and now the world conveniently forgets their failure and pushes Israel to abandon her core lands.

Likewise it will be with Jerusalem. The world will remember Israel’s promise even when the Palestinians cannot carry out theirs. Hamas, the real power in Palestine, flatly refuses to abrogate it’s demand for the right of return, and of course the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the refugee camps won’t agree, either.