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For the third day in a row, Arabs in Israel and the West Bank protested their compatriot representing Israel in Eurovision. Miri Awad, a third-rate pop singer, joined Jew Achinoam Nini with a peace song.

The combination of pop and politics proved volatile, sending scores of Arab youngsters into the streets. Surely, they would have heeded Ms. Awad as a star had she won.

In a sense, the Arabs are right. Israel resorted to a cheap trick: the Broadcasting Authority nominated the Arab singer for Eurovision immediately after the IDF started shelling Gaza in December last year. It was really indecent for Ms. Awad to join with Jews simging empty peace-lyrics while other Jews were bombarding her compatriots in retaliation for what they had done to still other Jews.

Obama on Iran

The Obama-Netanyahu meeting could not have gone any worse.

Obama reintroduced the Annapolis version of the two-state solution: the final agreement now, curbing terrorism perhaps later. Lieberman has so far rejected that approach.

Obama singled out Israel for her commitments: Israel, according to the Hussein, must abide by her Road-Map commitment to freeze settlement construction—even construction necessary to accommodate the natural growth of the bustling population. Not a word was said about illegal Palestinian construction or their commitment under the same Road Map—to curb terrorism.

Obama removed his October deadline for talking to Iran. Now some discussion is expected by the year’s end. The cursed Hussein could not have sent a clearer message to Iran: the ayatollahs have all the time they need to build the bomb. Netanyahu accepted Obama’s ban on attacking America’s new ally.

The end-of-year benchmark means that no new sanctions will be imposed on Iran in October, which was the very minimum even Israeli doves had expected.

Obama reiterated his Palestine-first approach: Jews must first capitulate to Palestinians, and then the Hussein might perhaps support another round of toothless sanctions against Iran. He ventured an idiotic suggestion that Hezbollah might somehow wind down its activities if Israel capitulates to the Palestinians. What have Hezbollah’s interests in Lebanon to do with Palestinians?

Netanyahu should have honestly admitted our loss and staged an urgent appeal to American Jews to firmly oppose the modern Chamberlain. It is not for nothing that Jews have their highest-ever representation both in the Congress and Senate. Instead Netanyahu praised the Hussein, who is basically delivering Jews to the Iranian slaughterhouse.

Israelis who voted for Netanyahu have elected Kasztner.

Every major Palestinian group, including Hamas, PLFP, and—incredibly—Abbas’ own Fatah, has rejected the Fayad-led government.

The democratic-minded Obama administration approved the illegal government created by a chairman (called “president”) whose term in office expired five months ago.

Betrayed by the American administration and the Israeli government, we can only hope that Hamas takes over the PA and Hezbollah takes over Lebanon to stop the murderous “peace process.”