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ObamaWe predict that Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama will be inconclusive and won’t change either Israeli or American policies.

However, in today’s competition between two silver-tongued politicians we wish Bibi all the luck to put the Hussein on Israel’s side.

The Israeli High Court has agreed to review the Supreme Rabbinical Court’s decision on Jewish converts.

Last year, the rabbinical court summarily annulled all the conversions performed by activist rabbi Haim Druckman, who exercised little if any supervision over many of the conversions he signed.

The government supports Rabbi Druckman because it needs to somehow convert the hundreds of thousands of Slavs it allowed into Israel.

The leftist High Court has the audacity to meddle in purely religious matters.

Meanwhile, Lieberman’s iconic Orthodox MK Rotem lashed out against the Justice Minister’s proposal to expand the jurisdiction of Israeli rabbinical courts.