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A group of the Avodah MKs signed a letter to Netanyahu asking him to stop the delusional “economic progress” policy. Bibi imagines that he can make Palestinians peaceful by developing them economically.

The leftists are correct in a sense: Egypt was the most advanced of all Arab economies when it launched three wars against Israel.

They are wrong to extol the “historic opportunity offered Israel by Arab leaders” to reach the peace agreement. Hamas, the only power in the Palestinian Authority, has repeatedly refused to make peace with Israel on any terms. Iran, the major power in the Middle East, likewise won’t sign a peace treaty.

Some situations have no solutions.

In a Newsweek interview, Hussein Obama made the point that Israel must be wary of attacking Iran since the Jews are within the range of Iranian rockets.

A few months ago, the US supplied Israel with a powerful X-Band radar which can detect Iranian missile launches within minutes, allowing Israel enough time to confidently shoot them down. The only way the Iranians can threaten Israel with missiles is if the Americans won’t pass us the radar data.

Obama reiterated that the military option remains against Iran, though the ayatollahs demand a non-belligerent stance as a precondition for talks. It seems that Obama is moving away from talks and back to the useless sanctions.

Russia has agreed to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey.

A nominally peaceful reactor can be used to harvest plutonium.

Turkey’s government is controlled by Islamists, and the Turkish army recently held joint exercises with Syria.

Sufi Muslim leaders of Pakistan announced at their conference in Lahore that India and the United States supply arms to Pakistani Taliban and train them in over fifty camps.

Theoretically, India would benefit from a rising Taliban, as they weaken the Pakistani state, the enemy of India.

A Haifa University study shows that almost half of Israeli Arabs are Holocaust deniers.

Thirteen percent of Arabs support armed struggle against Israel, and 47 percent don’t want Jews as their neighbors.