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Despite a hug-session with Obama during the Americas summit, Chavez “temporarily nationalized” the Cargill pasta plant in Venezuela.

Obama is wrong to imagine that any amount of kisses substitutes for hard reality.

The Egyptians discovered a cache of 266 Grad-type and anti-aircraft rockets, among other military supplies intended for smuggling into Gaza.

Though Egypt has recently increased its anti-smuggling operations, the smuggling continues unabated: Egyptian police control the roads while the Bedouins smuggle through desert routes. We expect significant terrorist attacks by the Sinai Bedouin on the Egyptian Red Sea resorts in retaliation for the government’s anti-smuggling efforts.

Egypt is playing nice: while cracking down on weapons smuggling, it keeps the Rafah Crossing open for individuals and personal goods.

Israeli Military Intelligence boasted that its operatives, disguised as civilians, entered IAF’s air bases and stole a computer, war room codes, and IDs. The Air Force promised to beef up their security.

Such “achievements” are probably routine in every country, certainly in Russia. The trick is that professional intelligence operatives play their parts well and arouse no suspicions. It is practically impossible to guard huge bases against all possible intruders, and infiltrators are normally spotted by their irregular, nervous behavior.

In the Ungar and other cases, Israelis who are also foreign nationals filed suits against the PLO seeking damages for terrorist attacks on their relatives. Similar cases have been won in Israel.

Though the awarded amounts run into hundreds of millions of dollars, actual collections are minuscule.

The court losses push the PA to proclaim independence, which allows it sovereign immunity. The US courts have disregarded sovereign immunity in a number of cases against terrorist-sponsor states such as Iran, but the burden of proof in such cases is much higher.

Israelis are slowly beginning to accept our long-standing estimate that Olmert is the best electable Israeli politician. The Haaretz poll shows that 59 percent of Israelis consider Olmert to be better or no worse than Netanyahu.

The Knesset changed the law on courts martial. In order to evict mortgage delinquents, the banks would have to provide them with similar housing in the same area for a year and a half.

The amendment will drive up mortgage interest rates, especially for poor customers.

Throughout Israel, her loyal Arab citizens commemorated their annual Nakba, the “catastrophe” day – in other words, Israeli Independence Day. Police sanctioned the anti-Israeli demonstrations.

In Haifa, the demonstration was organized by Women for Peace. Local Arabs resent the group’s female leadership and boycotted the event. At that point, the visiting Jewish ultra-leftists helped the Arabs out and carried the PLO flags in protest against Israeli statehood.