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While the world discusses a division of Jerusalem, one town’s division has already failed. The UN drew the Israeli-Lebanese border in the middle of the Arab town of Ghajar, though its residents begged for Israeli citizenship.

After Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in the year 2000, Hezbollah took over the town’s Lebanese part and used it for cross-border operations against Israel. In the open fields, the border is plowed, mined, and barb-wired, but in the town it’s just a barrier.

In 2006 Israel recaptured the Lebanese part and Olmert’s government dragged out the talks on returning it. Netanyahu suspended the talks, citing uncertainty over Hezbollah’s takeover of Lebanon, which is expected in a few weeks in the US-sponsored elections.

Obama is trying to soften the May 18 confrontation with Netanyahu by declaring May to be “Jewish Heritage Month” in the United States. Normally, heritage months are announced well in advance, but Obama does not intend celebration. He is buying off the American Jews, lest they rally in support of Netanyahu.

With Obama’s policy on Iran, heritage might be all that is left of Jews very soon.

Three Israeli Arabs were sentenced to light jail terms for trying to set the Ruah Tzfonit yeshiva in Acre on fire during the 2008 riots.

The Arabs confessed they were motivated by nationalism, yet after jail they will remain in Israel and receive benefits from the Jewish state.

Hezbollah’s second-in-command, Naim Qassem, confirmed that his group has provided military support to Hamas terrorists “for some time.”

Besides arming itself despite UNIFIL’s presence, Hezbollah has enough time and weapons to aid its fellow terrorists.

Israel prefers not to regard the arms shipments to Hamas by Lebanon’s ruling party as a good enough reason to bomb Lebanon.

Netanyahu has reneged on yet another campaign promise. Instead of reducing taxes, the government will increase VAT to satisfy the Histadrut trade union’s wage demands.

Still, the budget deficit runs at 3 percent, twice the amount approved by the Bank of Israel.

Israeli Magen David Adom medical service purchased bullet-proof ambulances for Gaza periphery.

Firing at ambulances is one of the most heinous war crimes. Instead of prosecuting the Arab criminals or killing them, Jews hide in bullet-proof ambulances.

The money came from ultra-leftist donors from the UK Friends of Magen David Adom: these supporters of the peace process have to realize that their efforts have culminated in bullet-proof ambulances.

EU leaders have tacitly accepted nuclear Iran and are urging Obama to refrain from military action.

Obama needs no urging. He suggested that the “first round” of talks with Iran would last until October 2009—enough time to give the mullahs nuclear bombs.

The Iranian FM refused to commit to any time-frame. He reiterated the Iranian precondition for talks: substantial changes in America’s policy toward Iran—that is, lifting the sanctions.

As usual, it is Jews against the world opinion.