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In a meeting with the Pope, the Palestinian chief Islamic judge, Tayseer Tamimi, called on Muslims and Christians to unite against Jews.

The chief judge receives his salary from Israeli tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

During his visit to Yad Vashem, the Pope stopped short of acknowledging the Vatican’s role in the Holocaust or apologizing for its inaction.

Which is good, actually. We don’t need a public show of Jews forgiving the Vatican after a rhetorical apology.

Jews imagine themselves to be the center of the universe, but the Pope is only concerned with the Vatican’s position, and won’t say anything that alienates hardliners.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry reacted angrily to a Palestinian petition to the Hague court to investigate Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza.

That the Palestinians are preparing this petition is not news; they announced their intentions in January.

Lieberman used the petition as a pretext to beat Abbas into the dirt. Indignant, the Foreign Minister claimed that Abbas had repeatedly asked Israel to invade Gaza, and that Fatah operatives provided extensive intelligence to IDF. Humiliatingly for Abbas, the FM revealed that Fatah intelligence was instrumental in preventing mass rocket attacks on Israel during the war.

Fatah’s collaboration with Israel against Gazans will haunt the terrorist group in the next elections. Like Sharon during the Gaza disengagement, Lieberman seems to seek Hamas’ triumph in Palestine. With the demise of the only plausible peace partner, Fatah, the world might ease its pressure on Israel.