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Police dispersed a small crowd of Jews protesting the Pope’s visit at Palmach Street in Jerusalem, lest they offend the pontiff. The Jews were protesting the Church’s anti-Semitic policies.

Shimon Peres addressed the Pope as “Your Holiness,” suggesting that there is something holy about a fellow who poses as God’s representative on earth. According to Jewish law, such a pretender must be stoned. Jews have plenty of reasons to stone Peres, as well.

The ignorant Israeli president claimed falsely that Judaism is a religion of tolerance. Right, go tell that to Pinchas.

The former member of Hitlerjugend and friend of Holocaust-deniers visited Yad Vashem. Then the worshiper of icons toured the Holy Land.

On the positive side, the Pope unwittingly abrogated the age-long concept of Christians as “New Israel” when he wished that “both peoples may live in peace in a homeland of their own.” The only reason for Jews to regard this land as their own is the fact that they are the Children of Israel.

In ABC interview, Obama’s National Security Advisor Gen. Jones accepted the Israeli claim that a nuclear Iran poses an existential threat to the country.

Gen. Jones then proceeded with a warped argument that Israel can somehow diminish that threat by accepting the two-state solution immediately. Presumably if Israel capitulates now, Iran will have no reason to nuke us later. But perhaps it might nuke us for no reason?

Obama’a associates misrepresent the situation by claiming that American hands are tied on Iran because Israel did not give in to Palestinian demands. If that is so, then maintaining a $300-billion-plus-a-year army is odd. Moreover, Sunni Arab regimes are practically pleading with Obama to attack Iran, and couldn’t care less about the Palestinians.

Despite a major decrease in state revenues, the Israeli budget rose by 3 percent as the trade union blocked attempts to cut salaries and sinecures.

Welfare provisions for mothers and families will be slashed to accommodate Histadrut’s demands.

As we have predicted, an Iranian court freed the convicted American journalist on appeal. Despite the suspended sentence she will certainly be allowed to leave Iran.

In an interview with The Times, Jordanian princeling Abdullah framed the Israeli-Palestinian problem as the root of all evil. As usual, Abdullah warned of a major conflict if Israel fails to accommodate the Palestinians.

In fact, Jordan is the only country concerned about Israeli-Palestinian peace. The war continues to radicalize Jordan’s Palestinian majority, which dreams of ousting the petty monarch. Abdullah cannot refuse to support Hamas, which uses his country—which is at peace with Israel—for weapons transit.

An independent Palestinian state offers Abdullah the best chance to annex it into a confederation. He does not want a Palestinian confederation now to avoid responsibility for terrorism.

Abdullah is very close to Obama and was the first Arab leader to visit him after the election. Obama’s first foreign phone call upon his inauguration was to Abu Mazen.

Abdullah shows the Arabic propensity to use weasel words: if Israel accepts his offer, she will get peace with fifty-seven Muslim countries—but not with Iran, which is worth all of them together. If Israel rejects the offer she will get war. What is not mentioned is that Israel has been at war for sixty-two years and defeated Arabs in all confrontations, so it is the Arabs who must pay to end the war.

In a humiliating show of Israeli weakness, Netanyahu went to Cairo to meet Mubarak, who proudly refuses to visit Israel.

Afterwards, Netanyahu will fly to Amman to meet Jordan’s king Abdullah. Even such a petty ruler cannot be summoned to Jerusalem for negotiations.

The Arabs are peddling to Netanyahu a new peace plan, which places Jerusalem under UN control for Arab use. Israel would thus be the first nation in history to win all its wars and cede its core territory to its enemies.

The problem is that it all hinges on one man, Netanyahu. If he accepts the peace plan, the Likud MKs wil join him. With the support of leftist and Arab MKs, they will easily ratify the capitulation treaty.