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Jewish media are reassured by the fact that Obama renewed sanctions against Syria. This renewal, however, has been routine for many years. Abandoning the sanctions now while Syria continues its involvement in Lebanon (including the Hariri murder trial) and Gaza would run contrary to American diplomatic efforts. The sanctions are toothless and do not bear noticeably on the Syrian economy.

The US-backed Pakistani Army bombed neighborhoods in Swat Valley, and thousands of soldiers engaged in indiscriminate killing of civilians in a futile attempt to push the Taliban away from the Pakistani capital. The absence of international condemnation contrasts sharply with the UN and media condemnation of the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

The Pakistani Army cannot succeed against the entrenched Taliban, and the clashes provide Islamists with an excuse to up the stakes. Now that the government has reneged on the long-standing agreement which ceded Swat to the Taliban, the Islamists can proceed with their terror campaign to overthrow the secular government and lay their hands on the Pakistani nuclear arsenal.

The Pakistani government won’t embrace the only viable solution: partitioning the country into two states, one secular and the other controlled by Islamists.

This time it was not evil Zionists who wounded the poor Arabs. In the town of Rahat, two Bedouin clans engaged each other in a firefight. The Bedouins employed dozens of illegal weapons in broad daylight without much concern for their Arab neighbors or for Jewish police.

Speaking in a Druze village, Livni announced a turnaround in Israeli peace plans. According to Livni, it is Jews rather than Arabs who need peace. She proclaimed peace to be an “Israeli strategic asset.”

In plain words, Israeli leftists have abandoned the idea of the peace process as a two-way street with mutual give-and-take. Faced with Fatah’s firm refusal to make any concessions, Israeli leftists have accepted peace fully at Jewish expense, with zero reciprocity.

According to their plan, Israel would dismantle the settlements and evict 260,000 Jews, abandon the Temple Mount to the UN for Muslim use, and partition herself with a Gaza-West Bank corridor, while the Arabs have no obligations whatsoever. The Palestinians won’t commit to demilitarization or dismantling their terror infrastructure, and Iran and its allies will continue to refuse recognition to Israel.

Our only hope is for Hamas to take over the West Bank and reject concessions on the return of refugees to Israel.

The USAF killed 130 Afghani civilians in a single strike in Farah province.

Other Muslims did not make fuss about deaths of their compatriots. They are only concerned when Israel kills a few Gazans.

Thirteen Jews were hospitalized after Israeli Arabs pelted a bus with stones in Kiryat Haim.

Similar attacks in the West Bank have fueled demands for ceding the territories. Should we cede Haifa, as well?

Israeli media are beating their collective chest over an incident last night in Akko, where dozens of young Jews and Arabs fought each other with fists and stones. Young Jews proved their normality by crying death to their enemies—anathema to leftist media.

The Egyptian FM rejected Lieberman’s deputy’s statement that his boss has been invited to Cairo despite his earlier tiff with Mubarak. During his visit to Israel, Egypt’s intelligence chief Suleiman apparently said a few nice words to Lieberman, which were interpreted as an invitation.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry and Intelligence are arch-enemies, divided on almost every issue, and Lieberman happens to be one of them.