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For years, we’ve been arguing that Egypt is running a low-profile military nuclear program. Some Israeli intelligence analysts share our view based on the fact that Egypt operates lab-size nuclear reactors. This view is unpopular among Israeli and American politicians because the only rational course of action, attacking the Egyptian reactors, is not feasible due to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s officials leaked the 2007 and 2008 reports which prove that weapons-grade uranium has been found near Inshas, where the Egyptian nuclear reactors are located.

The Egyptians have been evasive on this matter, ludicrously blaming the uranium traces on medical radio isotopes used in their program.

Now it is absolutely certain that Egypt has very slowly been accumulating uranium, enriching it in its research facilities in order to  make a small number of nuclear weapons. It is no less certain that the gutless Israeli government will keep its head in the sand and stick to the fake peace treaty instead of bombing the Egyptian nuclear reactors immediately.

The IAEA leak can possibly be attributed to Iran, which sought to embarrass Egypt after their recent feud, but more likely it is the work of American diplomats who thus send Israel a message that she cannot go on bombing all the reactors in the vicinity, and must put up with a nuclear Iran.

It used to be that when speaking before the all-powerful AIPAC, American leaders normally had a few nice words for Jews. Not anymore. Joe Biden declared that Israel has to accept a two-state solution—a very strong wording given the circumstances.

In an interview, Germany’s Merkel concurred. The Italian FM and other EU officials voiced similar demands. It’s not that the world cares about the fate of some Palestinian Arabs, but everyone hates the Jews.

Both Biden and Merkel reiterated that Israeli concessions to the Palestinians would somehow resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis. That makes sense, actually: an eight-mile-wide Israel could be done away with by Palestinian terrorists, with no need for Iran to have the bomb.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, a union of oil-producing Sunni Arabs, knows Iran better than Obama. In a statement, GCC pleaded with the United States not to jeopardize Middle East security by talking with Iran.

Obama and his leftists are laying the field for a major regional war. Having capitulated to the Palestinians, Israel would become too tempting a target for her Arab enemies. Nuclear Egypt would oppose Iran-dominated Iraq and Gaza on its borders. The three nuclear states would lock their horns.

Speaking to Joe Biden, Shimon Peres refused to freeze construction in the existing settlements, saying that the government cannot instruct the villagers not to have children. Peres also criticized the imagined correlation between Palestinian peace (which would take years, anyway) and stopping the Iranian nuclear program (which is only months from completion).

Though Peres spoke highly of Obama after their meeting, his uncharacteristically right-wing rhetoric suggests a major disagreement with the American president.

Obama and the Arabs are developing a new peace initiative which surrenders the Old City of Jerusalem to international jurisdiction. Israel thus abandons the Temple Mount—nominally to the UN Christians, but actually to the Muslims who will use the Aqsa, while Jews can shed tears at the Wailing Wall.

The plan refuses the Palestinian refugees’ right of return, which gives us some hope: where the treacherous Jewish leaders give in, Hamas might stand tall and reject the concessions.

“Rabbi” Denise Eger, a lesbian crusader for homosexual rights, will lead the blind flock.

According to the State Comptroller, there are 100,113 illegally built houses in Israel, some of them consisting of several apartments. Their number has grown by 60 percent in the last five years.

Almost all the illegal construction belongs to Arabs.

The world pushes Israel to stop the natural-growth construction in Jewish settlements, but says not a word about the Arabs.

Bank of Israel’s normally reserved head, Stanley Fischer, told the Knesset Finance Committee that Israel is “in the middle of the biggest financial crisis in the country’s history.” Considering the previous rounds of terrible hyperinflation, Fischer’s statement is very dark.

In yesterday’s New York Times interview, Mashaal boasted of Hamas’ moderation: they temporary stopped rocket attacks on Israel.

By that evening he had gotten a virtual whipping from his Iranian puppeteers, and he issued a statement today renouncing everything he had said that in the interview.

Answering to a court petition by terror victims, the government revealed the amount of tax transfers to Palestinian thugs. Every month Jews dutifully collect about 200 million shekels to support the Fatah-PLO.

In what could become a landmark decision, the judge put a lien on $2 million of the tax transfers to satisfy the claims of the victims’ relatives, Sharon and Ben Shalom. A few days earlier, another court satisfied the case against the PA for the Park Hotel bombing.

Obama’s administration has earmarked for the PA four times more money than what is provided by the Israeli tax transfers.

Jerusalem District police have banned Jews from North Jerusalem unless accompanied by police convoys.

Densely settled by Israeli Arab residents, North Jerusalem is an annexed part of the State of Israel.