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Iran prevailed over the Obama administration’s attempts to reconcile Fatah with Hamas in a government that would respect previous agreements. Just as AIPAC, Israeli leftists, and Obama pushed for a two-state solution, Hamas firmly rejected it.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mashaal superficially welcomed peace with Israel. This is peace Hamas style:

- a ten-year truce, which would allow the terrorists to entrench themselves in the West Bank before launching a new round of wars against Israel.
- dismantling all Israeli settlements, making 260,000 Jews homeless. The last time an eviction of that magnitude took place was under the Nazis.
- Palestinian annexation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
- return of all refugees to Israel, so that the Jewish state would be overwhelmed with hateful, criminal Arabs.

Mashaal’s position is aligned with Iran’s and is generally more extreme than Haniye’s, but Gaza’s “moderate” Hamas leaders have little say in the policy since their lifeblood, the Iranian money, comes through Mashaal.

Fatah’s negotiator Erekat voiced similar demands to Netanyahu, who offered him the immediate resumption of peace talks.

Ahmadinejad canceled his visit to Brazil after the Israeli Foreign Ministry organized massive protests there against his policies regarding Jews and homosexuals.

In his satellite speech to the AIPAC conference, attended by the majority of US Congressmen, Netanyahu unveiled his innovative approach to peace talks.

Since everyone insists on doing something about the Palestinian problem, and nothing really can be done, Bibi adopted a set of long-term fake objectives: Israeli economic integration in the Middle East, Palestinian economic development, and security cooperation. None of these has any chance to succeed, but their implementation and monitoring would keep scores of peace bureaucrats busy.

Bibi’s approach will run into a major problem: it would take a leftist Israeli government just a few months to scrap his program and sign a full-fledged capitulation to the Arabs.

The Education Ministry published the test results of Israeli undergrad math teachers. One third of them failed the tests, and the average score was just 68/100.

Unsurprisingly, Israeli pupils score in the second dozen in international math competitions.

The Dignity boat—which was used to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza—sunk en route from Lebanon to Cyprus.

The Dignity had stayed in Lebanon for engine repairs, which could not have caused it to sink. Israeli sabotage is likely responsible for the incident.