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After Olmert’s government relinquished Sergiev Courtyard—a major Jerusalem property—to the Russians, Peres upped the stakes.

In the wake of the Pope’s visit, the chief scoundrel of Israel is pushing for the transfer of six major Christian sites, including the Gethsemane, to the Vatican.

According to Jewish law, Christian churches which bear images must be torn down, without exception. The prohibition of images is not some rabbinical invention but one of the Ten Commandments.

Peres’ move is absurd strategically. Catholics are traditionally anti-Israeli and often anti-Semitic. Why offend friendly American protestants by transferring these churches to the Vatican’s jurisdiction? If anything, give them to CUFI.

Despite earlier assurances from the Spanish FM, Judge Fernando Andreu went ahead with the case against IDF officials for the 2002 assassination of Hamas’ leader Salah Shehadeh, along with fourteen other Arabs.

If that judge is so troublesome, wouldn’t he make a nice number fifteen?

US polls have found that 79 percent of American Jews exhibit unwavering support for Obama despite his murderous policies on Israel.

In an ADL poll in Israel, 60 percent of Israelis proved themselves to be clinically brainwashed, as they voiced favorable opinions of the Hussein—despite his prohibition for Israel to attack Iran.
A third of Israeli Jews oppose an attack on Iran even if the sanctions fail—as if they did not fail already two years ago.

Refreshingly, young Israelis showed less support for Obama and more for attacking the nuclear mullahs. As if we have any other option.

Netanyahu’s government has reestablished the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, an Olmert sinecure for Lieberman which Bibi rightly criticized while he was in the opposition.

Additionally, Bibi has established the Intelligence Ministry and the Public Diplomacy Ministry. In Orwell’s Oceania, they called it a Ministry of Truth.

The current annual AIPAC conference ends up as a mass lobbying effort. The Jewish lobbyists par excellence streamed onto Capitol Hill urging the politicians to immediately spring into the action.

Here is the action they want: push Obama to push Israel to immediately create a viable Palestinian state.

In diplomatic parlance, viable means that Gaza and the West Bank are connected by a Palestinian-owned land patch which cuts Israel in half. Also, this viability would require the destruction of Jewish villages and the eviction of their Jewish inhabitants.

AIPAC did not consider Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Russia to be worth its landmark post-conference lobbying effort.

The AIPAC debacle clarifies why Peres, rather than Netanyahu, spoke to the conference. Aware that the leftists have staged a putsch in America’s premier lobby, Netanyahu decided to pass on the embarrassing event.

The Israeli Department of Civil Aviation is investigating reports by several pilots that they were blinded with green lasers while landing.

The police are searching for the powerful laser several miles away from Ben Gurion Airport.

The government has approved a free-market land reform which allows home-owners to buy the land under their properties.

What is good in liberal economies, is bad in a Jewish state: Arabs would privatize the land under  their hundreds of thousands of illegal houses.

The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture delivered 75,000 dozes of vaccine to the PA to prevent Arab cattle from contracting swine flu, which could spread to Jewish farms.

Why not just vaccinate the cattle at Jewish farms?

The Attorney General informed the police that from now on it is illegal to use teargas grenades against Arab crowds. The decision came after the army killed one protester and wounded several others in separate incidents with rifle-fired gas grenades.

The decision is being applied retroactively, and several policemen face prosecution for firing teargas grenades at rioting Arab crowds.

The Attorney General did not specify just how the police can quash riots without tear gas. The decision is an invitation to Arabs to continue their riots.