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Palestinian Islamic Jihad shelled the Negev Desert. The Israeli Air Force retaliated by bombing the empty strip near Philadelphi Corridor in Gaza.

Both need to show their supporters some action.

As the Obama administration attempts to negotiate with Iran, the mullahs continue testing the limits of American tolerance. In a slap in the faces of human rights organizations, Iran executed a juvenile murderer—quite in line with the Torah, but contrary to Iran’s international treaties. The woman, Delara Darabi, had spent six years in jail, so the execution was anything but urgent.

In a separate development, the Iranian Air Force bombed three Kurdish villages in Iraq, apparently to squash Kurdish separatism in Iran proper. No one cares to report on the civilian casualties.

The mullahs reasoned correctly that the Obama administration would betray everything—Israel, Iraq, human rights, and international security—in order to give the negotiations a slim chance.