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Obama’s administration is pushing all the world’s nations to restrict their output of HFC gases. Years ago, HFCs were blamed for the ozone hole, but later the hole was found to fluctuate on its own.

As if the cost of the HFC restrictions were not staggering enough, Obama’s proposal includes across-the-board reductions in greenhouse gases.

Poor nations will flout the restrictions, and there is no way to verify combined factory emissions somewhere in rural China. The United States will shoulder the burden of the reductions, which will further worsen its economy.

The US National Security Council spokesman rejected any timetables on negotiations with Iran.

Iran needs six to nine months to produce its first nuclear bombs.

Shimon Peres will meet Obama during his visit to the US to attend the AIPAC conference. Three weeks ago Netanyahu canceled his planned speech to AIPAC because Obama could not find time to meet him; Bibi sought to avoid humiliation, as it was unthinkable for a US president to refuse to meet a visiting Israeli PM.

Despite the reports of good working relations, there is evidently a major relationship crisis between Obama and Netanyahu, probably over the US administration’s insistence on Israeli capitulation to Palestinians and acceptance of a nuclear Iran. Peres, the most influential Jew in this world, took on the reconciliation mission.

The communists have promised to conduct nuclear tests unless the UNSC apologizes for criticizing the Korean ballistic missile launch. Since the UN is not going to apologize, the North Koreans are clearly just looking for a pretext for nuclear tests. Their first test failed, and they need to test the improved design. Considering North Korea’s readiness to up the stakes dramatically, it must have a customer for its nuclear bombs—one whose cash payment would offset any sanctions.

Earlier, UNSC failed to impose sanctions on North Korea for ballistic missile test. As usual with everything done in the communist country, the test has failed and the ballistic missile dropped in the ocean. Though the North Korean missiles technically put the United States in danger, there is no way such an attack would take place, thus the UNSC is not overly concerned. The UNSC’s condemnation came as a sop to Japan which sees Korean missile as upsetting the regional balance of power and to Israel which fears missile technology transfer to Iran. Iran’s own Shihab-3 ballistic missile tests were of limited success.

The North Korea’s customer for nuclear weapons is almost certainly Iran. Weeks ago, the communist regime secretly shipped highly enriched uranium to Iran to complement Iran’s own production. The shipment brings Iran stocks to at least 3,000 lbs, enough for two nuclear weapons.

North Korea conducted its missile test and now the nuclear test as a pre-sale show for Iran. The ayatollahs rush with buying weapon-grade uranium from North Korea rather than manufacturing their own to establish facts on the ground: Iran’s nuclearization must be complete before the start of direct talks with the United States.

Germany is prosecuting an entrepreneur who sold Iran graphite, which is used in missiles.
Britain has arrested three entrepreneurs who sold Iran avionics for its fighter jets.

Carmiel is a mixed Jewish-Arab town in the heart of Israel, not in the dreaded territories. On Israeli Independence Day, Arabs beat sixteen-year-old Michael Ben Eli with iron rods. Such incidents are common in Carmiel.

Reciprocating Israel’s long-standing neutrality on the Armenian genocide, Turkey’s Justice Ministry refused to bring charges against Israel for the alleged genocide in Gaza.

The loyal Israeli citizens had planned to kill some Jews and kidnap others. To that end, they assembled a bomb and two firearms.

A Haifa court indicted the Arabs for abetting an enemy in wartime. Since their relationship with Palestinian terrorist organizations is hard to prove, the prosecution simply brought the strongest possible charges in order to get a plea bargain.

If Israel is at war and we know the enemy, what precludes us from bombing his towns?

In Ganei Aviv (Israel proper), Arab terrorists planted a bomb near a kindergarten’s gas cylinders. Fortunately, the bomb was found before it detonated.

In Hebron, the army arrested a Palestinian armed with knife who entered the Cave of the Patriarchs to pray and kill Jews.

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