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Iraqi terrorists killed seventy-eight civilians in separate attacks on Thursday. Just as in Vietnam and Afghanistan, the guerrillas keep attacking even as the occupying force announces its withdrawal. In Iraq, US troops closely guard themselves, and the terrorists are left to attack civilians.

Just as we flatly predicted, Shiite, Sunni, and Al Qaeda terrorists erased all the US military advances of the last year.

Recalling the last day in Vietnam, the Americans will need a lot of choppers.

In an unmistakable sign of warming, the crowd of leftist and Arab protesters against the separation barrier reached over a thousand nuts. Just one of those picnicking Arabs was wounded by a tear gas canister.

Hillary warned Israel that unspecified Arab countries would rescind their unspecified support for Israel against Iran if Jews fail to make prompt concessions to Palestinians. It remains unknown what support we have received from Arabs so far, why we need their help against militarily weak Iran, and why the Palestinians would be of any concern to other Arabs when Israel does a great service for them by bombing Iranian Shiites.

Obama and Clinton reportedly warned Israel that they would cut aid and employ other sanctions against Israel if we were to attack Iran. It’s nice to know what our purported ally is up to. Obama’s approach to sanctions against Iran is less cavalier.

Bibi’s government clearly looks to Trotsky in its policy vis-a-vis the Palestinians. The US and EU governments are forcing Netanyahu to adopt some program regarding the Palestinian state, despite the fact that the concept has failed: Hamas rejects Israel, Hamas and Fatah reject the Jewish state, and fringe terrorists reject Jews.

In practice, the US and EU have very little influence on Israel, as the Jewish lobby won’t allow sanctions or boycotts, but Bibi is too weak to firmly say No to the Americans. Even venerable Yitzhak Shamir finally succumbed to their pressure.

Bibi will have to develop a program before May 18, when he is scheduled to meet Obama. The government promised the program within two weeks. They will try all the weasel-excuses for avoiding Palestinian statehood: security cooperation, the PA’s economic development, and involvement of ‘moderate’ Arab countries.
The delays cannot continue forever, and once Bibi accepts Palestinian statehood in principle, foreigners will push him down that road.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress ordered its member organizations to boycott Israel and divest from it.

The STUC has no problem dealing with the Palestinians who launched 8,000 rockets at Sderot civilians, among other targets.

The esteemed Khaled abu Toameh reports that Fatah is holding over 550 political prisoners without trial. This seems to be the largest-ever figure, as Arafat preferred assassinating his political opponents. Some of the 550 are from Hamas, but most are just Abbas’ critics. The US-trained Palestinian police torture the prisoners.

Fatah is still far behind Israel, which holds 11,000 Palestinian prisoners.

Under US pressure, the Pakistani president arranged with the Taliban to move out of Buner, just sixty miles from Islamabad. In return, he reaffirmed the Taliban’s control over Swat Valley, 100 miles from the Pakistani capital.

Temporarily ousted from Afghanistan, the Taliban are close to taking over nuclear Pakistan.

The communist regime pulled out of the international talks on its nuclear disarmament and proceeded to reactivate its partially dismantled nuclear reactor. Though the regime cites the UN condemnation of its ballistic-missile test as the pretext, the real reason is different: North Korea got a cash customer for HEU (highly enriched uranium). It recently sent a large shipment of HEU to Iran.

North Korea, a cash-hungry and unprincipled nuclear proliferator, is more dangerous than Iran.

We have stated repeatedly that North Korea won’t stop its nuclear program in exchange for aid.

Iran canceled an aviation show and dispersed its planes to remote bases after Russia warned it of an impending Israeli attack, Debka reports.

The Russians invented the Israeli threat as they have done repeatedly with Syria. It is highly unlikely that Israel would attack Iran while Obama is trying to negotiate with the ayatollahs. Aging Iranian planes would be powerless against an Israeli strike and of little concern to Jewish planners.

During his visit to Turkey, Obama gave the go-ahead to a mammoth weapons sale to Lebanon, even though Hezbollah virtually controls its army.

Neither the US Administration nor the supposedly friendly Turkish military informed Israel about the sale. It was once customary for previous US administrations to consult with Israel regarding major arms-sales to the Middle East.

Palestinian terrorists attempted to infiltrate the Jewish village of Yitzhar. Three Jews were wounded in the firefight, two in the ensuing mass scuffle.

The attempted murder of Jewish civilians went unnoticed by the world which is so much concerned with Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

The Arabs in Beit Lehem constructed a podium for the visiting Pope right by the separation wall, in order to obtain politically charged photos of the pontificus on the background of the notorious wall.

IDF ordered the Arabs to dismantle the podium.

Ahmadinejad is just a figurehead in the Iranian hierarchy. All decisions on nuclear matters are made by the ayatollahs.
Rafsanjani, Iran’s second-highest leader after Khamenei, decried American threats and said that negotiations are only possible if the United States demonstrates its goodwill. The only imaginable goodwill here would be acceptance of Iran’s right to a nuclear bomb.

With 7,000 centrifuges running, Iran will be able to make a bomb within two to four months. Moreover, Iran has purchased highly enriched uranium from North Korea.

Hevrat Hashmal, a power-generation and distribution company’s trade union, ended its strike after the company rescinded its plan to fire 2,000 employees. Hevrat Hashmal is known for grossly inflated salaries and staff.

Hevrat Hashmal is a monopoly and can afford to strike for any length of time without losing its customers who would pay for whatever number of workers Hevrat Hashmal’s trade union decided to hire.

Senator Diane Feinstein of California introduced a bill which equates lesbian couples with families for immigration purposes: a foreign lesbian partner would be entitled to a US visa.

Earlier in California, a lesbian couple of Jewish origin obtained the Supreme Court’s permission for marriage, which was duly performed by a Reform “rabbi.”

In abominations too, Jews are ahead of others.

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