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Obama’s Mideast negotiator won’t push either Israel or the Arabs, and his visit merely furthers the delusion that Americans want the peace process and can pressure Israel into it. That’s the US way to gain clout with Arabs.

Meanwhile Mitchell’s most important accomplishment, the Northern-Ireland peace, is crumbling as the New IRA takes up arms against the old one, which is seen as British collaborator.

Arab obscenity knows no limits: the Fatah government appealed to Canada to stop a museum exposition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are on loan from Israel.

According to the Arabs, the most ancient Jewish scrolls belong to them because they were found in Qumran, which is supposedly their territory.

Britain has previously threatened sanctions against the Israeli Tourism Ministry for ads depicting Qumran as Jewish territory.

After the peace treaty with Jordan, the Israeli government gave over to its Bedouins a number of immensely important Jewish religious and historical artifacts discovered there.

The Water Authority instructed Israeli municipalities to avoid watering 40 percent of all public parks this summer.

Massive water supply to agricultural kibbutzim continues unabated at subsidized prices. Jordan and the Palestinians receive more than twice their water quotas from Israel.

After the Jews got used to car and bulldozer terrorist attacks, the Palestinians tried a boat.

A fishing boat from Gaza with up to 1,000 lbs of explosives detonated off the Israeli cost, narrowly missing a Navy ship which spotted it.

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