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The world went crazy over a North Korean test of a ballistic missile; the UNSC is conducting a security session.

Now any well-funded terrorist group can buy a ballistic missile with a plutonium warhead from North Korea.

When Iran tested a similar rocket, which clearly endangers Israel, the Western response was none.

So far, the government is only discussing the funding of Jewish charities stricken by the crisis, but in an ethnically blind society they would have to finance Arab ones, as well.

Th government has already agreed to increase subsidies to Arab children alongside Jewish. Yeah, as if we need more Arabs here.

According to British Foreign minister, Obama approved the UK’s rapprochement with Hezbollah. He implied that Obama wants the UK to handle the dialogue, which the US administration cannot start because of the Jewish lobby.

And why not? Hezbollah does not threaten England.

Meanwhile, two US senators discussed with Assad the situation in Gaza; Sderot was not on the agenda.

In order to create the appearance of stability, Netanyahu’s government will pass a budget for two years: 2009 and 2010. Realistically, it would take months to approve even a 2009 budget, and the 2010 economic situation is so unpredictable as to make any planning of government revenues and expenses meaningless.

More than 20,000 Israelis lost their jobs in March. Though in relative terms the problem is not that big, affecting just 0.3 percent of the population, perhaps it’s a good time for Jews to stop hiring Arabs and offer scarce jobs to their compatriots.

Obama reiterated American support for Turkey’s ambition to join the EU. France leads the pan-European opposition, arguing that Islamic Turkey does not fit into European identity. At the same time, however, the EU powers assume that a 34 percent Arab population fits into Israeli identity.

The US supported Turkey’s EU bid to reward its NATO ally, and Obama uncritically continues this support despite Turkey’s drift from the West.

Increasingly Islamist Turkey, if allowed to join, would further tilt the EU against Israel.

The Internal Security Minister has warned that the police lack the $11 million necessary to provide security for the visiting Pope.

The Pope’s assassination by a Muslim terrorist would be great for Israel, as it would strain the Vatican’s relations with Islamic powers for years to come.

Two weeks ago, a march of Jewish right-wingers in Umm al Fahm provoked mild riots.

Leftists devised an ingenious response: they too, marched through the same town, but without incidents and to Arab applause. The leftists thus made clear that the Arabs opposed Baruch Marzel’s implicit message that they should be transferred, rather than the Israeli flags he carried.

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