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Ateret Kohanim, a Jewish group which buys out Arab property in the Muslim-occupied quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, took over a house it had purchased in the area.

As usual, a crowd of friendly Arab citizens of Israel tried to evict the Jews, and the previous owner claimed he did not sell anything.

Police detained the Jewish buyers.

The disgruntled lady emulates Menachem Begin by conducting opposition policy with daily hysterical statements. Her latest stunt involved calling on Bibi to dissociate himself from his own FM after Lieberman announced that Israel is not obligated by the Annapolis agenda.

Indeed, Lieberman is right on this: the government never voted to approve the Annapolis commitments; that was a private circus conducted by Olmert and Livni.

The problem is, the suddenly liberal Lieberman voiced support for the Road Map, which has only been discussed at Annapolis.

Livni the FM did not dissociate herself from Abbas or Erdogan after their vitriolic attacks on the Jewish state. She procrastinated for weeks with reciprocal measures after Chavez expelled the Israeli embassy in Venezuela.

Palestine’s chief Islamic judge reiterated that selling land to Jews is high treason, punishable by death. The PA, like every other Arab country, bans land sales to all non-Arabs (Arabs are politically correctly described as “citizens of Arab countries”). Jews are singled out: selling land to us is not just illegal, but a capital offense. Significantly, Jewish land purchases do not infringe on Arab jurisdiction, so the issue is purely one of Judeophobia, rather than politics.

PA courts have condemned scores of Arab land-sellers to death, usually in absentia because they flee immediately after the sale. Terrorist organizations often kill the sellers without waiting for a court order.

Earlier, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Jewish National Fund to sell lands to Arabs, even though JNF develops land from sand and marshes with private Jewish donations.

Human rights loonies complain that since January Israel has stopped paying disability insurance to 5,000 Gazans who worked in the Jewish state legally. The government did not finally come to its senses; no—the problem is merely technical, as Israeli banks have stopped servicing Gaza.

Gaza is officially declared a hostile territory, which is too mild a word for a launching pad for thousands of rockets. Whatever labor rights the Arab workers had, they forfeited them by joining the enemy.

Lieberman’s original election slogan was, “No National Service, No National Insurance,” thus presumably inapplicable to Gazans. Sure enough, his promise was empty.

A young Palestinian “freedom fighter” murdered a Jewish teenager and wounded a child in Bat Ayin village. In case you thought such things only happened in the dreaded territories, this is the second terrorist axe-attack recently; the previous one happened in Rehovot, in Smaller Israel.

Bat Ayin is a place of proud Jews, a rare village which refused the security fence because it makes the Jews look afraid.

The wounded boy is a seven-year-old son of Ofer Gamliel, one of the members of the alleged “Bat Ayin underground,” who was jailed on the absurd charge of planning a shootout in an East Jerusalem Arab school. It is widely believed that the government staged the affair to ban the Kach Movement.
Terrorist attacks on Jewish right-wing activists and their families happen far too often to be coincidence.

Shabak apparently knows the terrorist, and army forces are now besieging a house in the Arab village of Khirbet Tzafa. The army has blocked access from the nearby Jewish settlements to prevent Jews from retaliating.

The Arab apparently had planned a mass murder, but the children went home minutes before he arrived on the scene.

Mughniye Brigades, also known as the Galilee Freedom Battalions, claimed responsibility for the attack.
Hamas praised the murder of Jewish children as a legitimate act of resistance. That statement will not have any effect on the EU’s rapprochement with the terrorist group.

As we expected, Assad announced in an interview with A-Sharq that he will not stop supporting Hezbollah even if Israel cedes the Golan Heights to Syria.

Why cede the Heights, then?

After Olmert’s departure, the police were left without a prime minister to investigate. But now they have the next-best thing—the Foreign Minister. Just a day after Lieberman pompously attended the inauguration of the police minister, the Fraud Squad interrogated the FM for eight hours.

The allegations against Lieberman are true, but he is being singled out for prosecution: every major political party launders money for election campaigns.

The leftist establishment will keep Lieberman tied up with the police investigation to secure political concessions from him. Considering that Sharon and Olmert both gave in to the same kind of pressure, it is unlikely that Lieberman will be able to resist.

Since 2004, Obama’s aunt has stayed in the United States illegally. Astonishingly, the illegal immigrant lives in subsidized housing.

American courts have twice rejected her anti-deportation appeals, but the tough auntie still remains in the US. She even attended Obama’s inauguration gala.

She has appealed her deportation order for the third time. Unable to find any reason to prevent the politically incorrect deportation, the judge postponed the hearing until 2010.

In the Haaretz report, Israeli military experts finally concurred with our analysis: the highly touted Iron Dome anti-rocket system is useless against the current threats to Israel’s South. It does not intercept shells and Grad rockets.

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