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Shin Bet reported to the government that in the two months since Israel stopped her war in Gaza, Palestinians have smuggled twenty-two tons of explosives, tens of tons of ammonium fertilizer for Kassam rockets, hundreds of shells, and some anti-tank rockets. Egypt does nothing to prevent smuggling through the Philadelphi corridor. Hamas enforces a rocket-calm on Gaza so that Israel will not attack, and the Palestinians can rebuild their rocket-manufacturing facilities.

Bibi and Lieberman promised during their election campaigns to eliminate Hamas, but if their government stays in power for four years, we will see them recognizing Hamas and negotiating with it. In their talks with Fatah and during the Doha summit, Hamas has refused even nominal recognition of Israel.

The West faces a choice: to forget and ignore the ravaged Gaza or channel the reconstruction aid through Hamas.

The Arab League Doha summit welcomed Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir despite a standing warrant from the International Criminal Court for his arrest. All twenty-two members of the League voiced support for Bashir, who is accused of masterminding the genocide in Darfur.

The Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Council, which so vociferously condemns Israel’s defensive operations in Gaza, keeps silent on Bashir. The US and EU chose to ignore this blatant violation of international law by the Arabs.

The British government is discussing the country-of-origin labeling for produce from Judea and Samaria. The current label, “West Bank, Israel,” thought to be misleading, is to be replaced with “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” to make it easy for Brits to boycott Israeli produce.

The Brits earlier demanded that the Israeli Tourist Ministry pull down an ad which shows Qumran as part of Israel.

Britain has instituted no similar measures relating to other occupied territories throughout the world. It would be nice to see the UK government demand from Russia that it label fish and caviar canned in the Kuril Islands as “Occupied Japanese Territories.” Seventy years ago, the UK did not label Palestinian citrus exports as coming from the “occupied Mandate Territory.”

Britain is not guided by Palestinian interests, as tens of thousands of Arab laborers stand to lose their jobs if the settlement produce is boycotted. Abbas’ position is instructive: he first supported the boycott, then retracted his support due to economic considerations, and now demands it again—the politics of hatred have trampled rationality.

Anti-Semitism and traditional Orientalism play a role in the British decision, as well as revenge against Jews for taking over the Mandate territory.

The former head of IPS Aryeh Bibi is concerned that rescinding benefits for terrorist prisoners would lead to hunger strikes, and has asked the public to support the IPS when it does intravenous injections.

Two things are bizarre here. The local media are so anti-Israeli that the Prison Service expects an outcry over force-feeding the terrorists. And why force-feed them? If the terrorists starve to death, all normal Jews would love that.

Meanwhile, Hamas called the worsening of prison conditions “a cowardly and gangster-like measure.” Cowardly, yes: Israel is afraid to shoot them all.

Netanyahu the liberal has created a mammoth government of thirty ministers. That leaves just thirty-three coalition MKs for the Knesset work. The opposition numbers fifty-one MKs, which assures Livni’s dominance in the Knesset committees and in voting on routine bills when ministers don’t attend the sessions.

Israeli Arab MKs petitioned the Knesset to postpone its Speaker’s Oath to let them attend the Land Day riots, an annual show where loyal Israeli Arabs reiterate their claim to all of Palestine.

The Arab League’s FMs have signed an ultimatum: if Israel does not accept the Saudi peace initiative now, it will be withdrawn. Under US pressure, they would let the offer remain in effect.

Iran never agreed to the initiative.

The Israeli government accepted the Saudi terms, including relinquishing the Temple Mount and Syrian occupation of Lake Kineret. The right of return is a straw man: the initiative calls for a “just solution,” presumably compensation to refugees.

The peace initiative does not solve the problem of Palestinian terrorism, but rather creates a sovereign safe heaven for it.

The peace initiative will not be implemented because neither side wants it: Arabs are fine with the state of perpetual war with Israel, which allows them to vent their internal discontent, and the Israeli government, which has no absolutely authoritative politicians of Sharon’s ilk, is too weak to dismantle the settlements.

Chemikalim Le-Israel, a company which plunders Israeli natural resources, registered $2 billion profits in 2008 on $6.9 billion sales—a whopping 30 percent profit.

Previously a state company, Chemikalim, was sold to the Ofer family for $330 million (a 53 percent controlling stake).

The Ofer brothers reinvest their proceeds from predatory use of Israeli natural resources abroad: they have dozens of real estate projects from Eastern Europe to the United States.

Israel’s twenty richest families control more than 60 percent of GDP and 80 percent of market capitalization.

Obama thought to find common ground with Iran on the Afghanistan issue. The United States will be represented at the conference by Secretary of State Clinton. Iran pointedly scoffed at the US efforts and sent its deputy FM.

Obama has no chance to arrive at an understanding with the Iranians on Afghanistan. Iran supports the Taliban to rein in the Afghan Sunni terrorist groups, which conduct cross-border raids—and to bug the Americans. The US, on the other hand, supports the Sunni terrorist groups to bug the ayatollahs.

Two months ago, Turkey’s president Erdogan charged out of an international conference when Shimon Peres spoke about the Israeli war in Gaza. No problem: Peres immediately phoned him to restore relations.

A couple of days ago, the Czech FM bluntly threatened Israel with severe consequences if we do not adhere to the two-state solution. No problem: Peres joined the Czech president in a ceremony at the Thereisenstadt death camp.

While he is there, Peres should learn something about the Czech experience with transfer of population: after WWII, acting with the full approval of Roosevelt and Churchill, the Czechs expelled their entire German community because it acted as a fifth column. Now the Czech FM dares to lecture Jews that we should not expel our fifth column.

Livni’s last meeting with the Foreign Ministry’s staff turned ugly as those who don’t fear her anymore accused the lady of neglecting her job for years. Livni gave plush appointments to her cronies and did not involve herself in the ministry’s daily routine.

Israel’s diplomatic losses are plain to see. The two victorious wars, in Lebanon and Gaza, turned into diplomatic and PR defeats; the FM failed to rally friendly Western governments against the Palestinian terrorists who launched thousands of rockets at Israel; and Israel blindly followed the peace process line while the Palestinians even abandoned Arafat’s recognition of Israel.

Israeli Railways has become the largest company to practice Avodah Ivrit, Jewish labor.

Officially, the IR hires IDF veterans only, a politically correct name for Jews. Israeli Railways has fired forty Arabs who served as monitors at crossings.

It is crazy that despite all the bulldozer terror the Arabs were hired to fill positions in which they could potentially pose a great security threat.

Olmert created the Ministry of Strategic Affairs to offer a great-sounding portfolio to Lieberman. After he left the government, Olmert dismantled the useless ministry.

Now Netanyahu has reestablished the ministry for Moshe Yaalon.

The PA’s prime minister Fayad has rescinded his earlier resignation and will stay in the office until the new government is formed sometime in 2010.

Both Fatah and Hamas hate Fayad for somewhat restricting the terrorists’ access to Western aid, but they need him to continue milking the US and EU. Also, a new prime minister can only be appointed by Hamas, which won parliamentary elections, and that is not acceptable to Fatah and Obama.

Fayad’s reappointment signals the failure of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks. Now we will see Hamas’ renewed attempts to oust Fatah from the West Bank, and Fatah’s radicalization to remain popular with Palestinian voters.

When Begin gave Egypt 5/6 of Israel’s territory, the Sinai, it was at least for a reason: no more wars with Egypt. The notion of trading the Promised Land is grossly immoral, and the peace treaty allows Egypt to build nuclear weapons without fear of Israeli attack. Begin soon recognized his own error and it haunted him until his last days.

Why do we need peace treaties with the Palestinians and with Syria? Israeli casualties from Palestinian terrorism are negligible compared to the death toll from traffic accidents, and Syria won’t start a war with Israel.

Why give them our land?

As we expected, National Union—the only truly right-wing party—so far remains out of the coalition. Netanyahu does not need them, as he has enough votes from Avodah. He also has no portfolios left for the NU. Most importantly, the right-wingers would be a stain on his left-centrist government.

In the opposition, the NU will be powerless to help its settler constituency and will lack the media platform accorded to government officials.