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Responding to Hamas’ tough stance on the Shalit exchange, the government voted to cut jailed terrorists’ privileges to the legal minimum. The number of family visits would be reduced and TVs would removed from their cells.

The Israeli branch of the UN’s Committee Against Torture immediately lambasted the government’s decision. In the loonies’ view, it is not fitting for Israel to descend to Hamas’ level.

This is really a Kafka land. Why were the jailed terrorists allowed such benefits in the first place? Why provide any benefits to Fatah or Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade terrorists? And what kind of a legal minimum are they talking about? Yigal Amir and other Jewish criminals in Israeli jails do not have a shred of the benefits allowed to terrorist inmates, so it’s not about the Israeli legal minimum. If we are treating the terrorists as POWs, their only rights are to basic food and urgent health service—no conjugal visits, phones, or TVs.

The implementation of the government order is problematic because all benefits to jailed terrorists were instituted on the Supreme Court’s orders. And that scum dare to call themselves the Judges of Israel.

Turning Israeli jails into private resorts for terrorists is the other side of the Israeli establishment’s cozy relationship with the PLO.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the US Military Intelligence chief’s briefing to the Senate. Even the Pentagon has accepted the fact that Syria has an advanced biowarfare program. Though the Pentagon insists that the biowarfare agents are still not weaponized, that is not an essential step: Syria can deliver bioweapons into Israel through terrorists rather than warheads.

We disagree with the Pentagon’s assessment that the Russians will deliver the MIG-31 export version to Syria very soon. The 2007 deal was not huge, the Russians had not exported that model before, and it is reportedly unstable. And they prefer using the threat of supplying the jets to Syria as leverage with Israel and the United States.

Despite the Pentagon’s assessment, the Senate still refuses to allow F/A-22 sales to Israel, which are a must if we are to restore Israeli air dominance in case of MIG-31E sales to Syria.

In the elections of the UNRWA teachers union, Hamas won all of the eleven seats.

During the Gaza war, UNRWA protested Israel’s bombing of its schools, but later admitted they were being infiltrated by terrorists. UNRWA claims it had no way to verify its Palestinian staff’s affiliation—though a quick check with Shabak would have solved the problem.

Now, there is nothing to verify: UNRWA’s entire education system in Gaza is under Hamas control, officially. The UN pays for indoctrinating future terrorists and Jew-murderers.

A Spanish court applied to prosecution for indictment of US officials, including the former Attorney General, on waterboarding charges. The CIA has used that method of torture against just a handful of high-ticket terrorists, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah, and Abd al Rahim (funny enough, his name means merciful).

Curiously, the indictment was authorized by the Spanish anti-terror judge, who should be expected to be more sensible about interrogation of major terrorists—at least, their guilt is established beyond doubt.

An Israeli court sentenced Sayeed Abu Hnish to life in prison for sending a terrorist who murdered a Jewish woman and her three children in Itamar village in Samaria in 2002. Abu Hnish was also ordered to pay $15 million in civil damages.

The verdict is a sham: the real culprits are the Fatah leaders who finance the infrastructure of terror with money dutifully remitted them by the Jewish government. Like other murderers, Abu Hnish will be released in a prisoner exchange and spend his life in glory after murdering Jewish children. The court was careful to claim damages from penniless Abu Hnish, rather than Fatah.

Arab and leftist media emphasize that Hnish planned the attack in an “illegal” settlement, as if that makes any difference. The UN, so sensitive to Israeli collateral damage in Gaza, has kept silent on this Palestinian attack.

In the World Economic Forum’s report, the Jewish state has moved from a shameful eighteenth to twenty-fifth place in IT development. The index evaluates both IT infrastructure and the country’s friendliness to the IT business.

Though Arab residents weigh negatively on Israeli performance, the main culprit is the post-socialist Israeli bureaucracy, which suffocates business development.

the popeNazareth municipality transferred $1.5 million to a private company which organizes the Pope’s mass in the town.

Jewish religious law absolutely prohibits the event.

The government has rescinded the limits on retirement-accounts management for large banks. Now the banks can offer their hapless services to all Israelis.

The deregulation is especially odd in light of the Israeli banks’ gross mismanagement of private stock accounts: hundreds of thousands of Israelis saw their bank-managed portfolios wiped out. The mega-losses posted by almost all Israeli banks also don’t lend them credibility.

During the Gaza war, Israel conducted yet another secret operation: Jordanian princeling Abdullah sent his dog to Israel for treatment. The operation was conducted in great secrecy so that Abdullah would not look like a traitor to other Arabs. The dog died, and Israelis apologized to the princeling.

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi will attend the Doha summit of the Arab League, which even Mubarak refused to attend. Tibi will represent “the Palestinian people,” and push for Fatah-Hamas unity.

On other hand, why should an Arab be any more loyal to Israel than the US and European governments, who also wish for the terrorist groups’ unification?

Palestinians disbanded the Jenin children’s choir after it performed for Holocaust survivors in the Israeli town of Holon. The Fatah-controlled, UNRWA-funded administration considered the performance “too political.”