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Continuing their commitment to exterminating Jews, Europeans demand that Israel adhere to the two-state solution despite the fact that the Palestinians have abandoned it. Both Hamas and Fatah have declared they won’t recognize Israel within any borders.

Echoing the EU’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana, the Czech FM warned Israel of “very difficult relations” if the Jews dare to renounce the two-state agreements.

Perhaps Israel should abandon diplomatic relations with the EU until Spain concedes independence to the Basques, the UK to Scotland, and France to Brittany.

Egypt is skipping the Arab League summit on Palestinian unity, which is meant to push Hamas to utter the words of recognition for Israel, which the West wants to hear before showering the terrorist group with billions of dollars in aid.

In this area, history has gone in circles for millennia. In the days of King Jehoiakim Israel entered into an alliance with Egypt against Babylon—which is now Iran and Iraq—and failed.
Egypt will abandon its support for Israel in either case: if Mubarak transfers power to his son Gamal he will no longer need American approval for his polices, and if the Muslim Brotherhood takes power it will proceed to subvert Israel immediately.

A US court entered default judgment of $25 million against Iran in the Wachsman family lawsuit. The family accused Iran of training Hamas, which abducted and shot their son Nachshon Wachsman in 1994.

The suit is without merit and was only won because Iran refused to appear in court. If training a hostile force is a criminal conduct, then the United States is guilty of training the mujaheddin, who killed hundreds of thousands of Afghans in the 1980s.

Rabin, though a hysterical and indecisive prime minister, was sensible enough to reject Hamas demand for a prisoner exchange and order a rescue operation with very low chances for success. In the botched rescue attempt, Nachshon Wachsman was shot and an IDF commando was killed.

Back in the days when even leftists were sensible, Israel had a clear doctrine on kidnappings: we only exchanged the prisoners when there was zero chance of rescuing them. Anything better than zero—we took that chance.