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Pat Oliphant's anti-Israeli caricatureThe Anti-Defamation League, the Wiesenthal Center, and scores of other Jewish organizations lashed out against Pat Oliphant’s anti-Israeli caricature. The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist exhibited his bad taste, but…well, he has a right to be offensive: caricatures are meant to exaggerate the facts.

The Jewish organizations found themselves in the unlikely company of Muslims who protest Oliphant’s Arab caricatures.

Coinciding with the Oliphant scandal, the Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Council (what a joke) passed a resolution calling on all nations to enact laws which would protect religion from criticism. Pakistan, which circulated the resolution, clearly has a particular religion in mind: the Taliban-style Wahhabite Islam.

In addition to attacking a weapons convoy, IAF also reportedly sank an Iranian ship with arms cargo en route to Sudan during the Gaza war.

Rather than a return to the good old days when Israel operated abroad at will, the operations seem to be the last help to Israel from our hapless friend Bush, who approved the Israeli attacks.

Iron Dome rocketIn addition to reinforced concrete roofs, Sderot will also receive the Iron Dome soon. Israel tested the anti-missile system ahead of schedule.

Jews will be using $200,000 interceptor missiles for $100 Kassam rockets. The Iron Dome is useless against shells, which are used with increasing frequency by Palestinian terrorists, and its efficiency against Grad and newer Kassam-4 rockets is questionable.

The Iron Dome was chosen over the American laser system due to the pressure from Histadrut trade union and the Israeli military-industrial complex.

A much cheaper and more efficient solution would be to annex Gaza and expel its inhabitants into Egypt.

Netanyahu’s team of free-market ignoramuses have submitted their hundred-day proposal. Their call for the government to abstain from bailing out individual companies is mere wishful thinking: under the pressure from thousands of unemployed workers, bailouts are almost certain.

The plan also calls for government loan guarantees for the companies with the largest losses. Instead of simply allowing the bubbles to break down, the government will support the most speculative projects, from high-end real estate to failed high-tech ventures.

The support is already available to the banks: they racked up heavy profits from speculative portfolio investments and loans, and now are practically exempted from losses as the Bank of Israel provided them with long-term, virtually interest-free loans. Taxpayers are indirectly covering the banks’ losses through inflation.

Netanyahu cannot implement any real changes in the economy because his coalition deal with Barak gave the predatory trade unions veto power.

Venezuelan prosecutors charged eleven participants in the January attack on Tiferet Israel synagogue in Caracas. Among them are eight police officers, including the rabbi’s bodyguard and the synagogue’s guards.

The charges might be fake, as the prosecution wants to lay the blame on the synagogue.

Talmudic sages distinguished between proper mercy, and mercy on those who would have no mercy upon you.

In the effort to counter the anti-IDF propaganda by the ultra-left, the army set up various initiatives, including SoldiersSpeakOut.com where IDF medics proudly relate some of their stupid actions—they risked Jewish lives and expended significant resources to provide help to Hamas’ voters in Gaza. The Palestinians were evacuated by helicopters to Israel for expensive treatment.

The most appalling example comes from a well-meaning Jew named Amir. His unit broke into a wanted terrorist’s home and saw his wife in labor. The Jew-hating female refused Amir’s help in delivering the terrorist’s baby. At that point, the IDF unit retreated to make the room for the Palestinian ambulance.

Speaking at the IDC conference in Herzliya, Olmert declared that in order to achieve peace with the Palestinians, the next government would need to give them more than Barak has offered. The implication is that Israel would have to dismantle more or less all settlements, making 220,000 Jews homeless, and give Arabs the Temple Mount.
Olmert confirmed a long-standing rumor that he had offered Abbas an agreement half a year ago which conceded the Temple Mount to Palestinian terrorists. Abbas, predictably, refused—he cannot concede any territory to Jews.

The government is falling victim to its policy of incremental concessions: Palestinians digest the concessions and demand still more.

But there is a less costly way for peace with the Palestinians: expelling them.

Egypt will hold no official events to commemorate thirty years since the signing of its peace treaty with Israel.
No doubt, Egyptian Islamist organizations would stage their own events to condemn the deal.

Egypt, a normal nation, does not celebrate the peace which merely returned to it the land it considers its own. Jews celebrate the peace treaty that took away 5/6 of their country, a major part of the Promised Land, and the place where we received the Torah.

Israeli-Egyptian Camp David peace treaty

Kfar Saba court ordered the release of four settlers arrested for hurling stones at an Arab car.

It appeared the car was not Arab, but belonged to undercover policemen. They deliberately provoked the settlers in order to arrest them for the assault. The police were taking revenge for the settlers’ defense of Maoz Esther outpost shortly before.

The judge lashed out against the police provocation.

In a separate development, IDF court-martialed a soldier and sentenced him to twenty days in jail for his refusal to participate in the eviction of Maoz Esther outpost.

Enjoying themselves on the Muslim day of rest, hundreds of Arabs, along with Israeli and foreign ultra-leftists, pelted IDF with stones near Niilin. The site of the separation barrier is a hot-spot for Arabs, as tens of thousands of illegal Palestinian migrants used to sneak into Israel near Niilin, which made the villagers rich.

The show goes on every Friday.

The army used tear gas and plastic bullets, thus assuring that the Palestinians would come back the next week. Once, during the Intifada, Rabbi Kahane—an IDF reservist then—was sent to quash Arab riots in Hebron. On that day, Arabs were killed all over the West Bank, but none died in Hebron. As the Palestinians expected an exceedingly harsh response from Rabbi Kahane’s unit, they stayed at home.