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Police ended their investigation of the Israeli PM over the Jerusalem apartment affair. As we expected, no charges will be filed.
Olmert might have behaved unethically in buying an apartment below market value, but he provided the seller with no services which would qualify the purchase as a bribe.

Ending the investigation is the leftists’ gift to Olmert on account of his departure from the office.

The new FM suggested that Israel play a crucial role in reconciling the United States with Russia so that both can apply sanctions to Iran.

Lieberman’s arrogance is amazing: a provincial Jew would bring together the two great world powers, who are still locked into their Cold-War attitudes toward each other.

Sudanese rebelsSpeaking at the IDC, Olmert implicitly confirmed the alleged Israeli attack on a Hamas weapons convoy in Sudan during the Gaza war. He said that “Israel operates everywhere the terrorists are.”

In the attack two months ago, IAF destroyed a convoy and killed dozens of people. Sudanese authorities claim that anywhere from thirty-nine to eight hundred people died in the attack.

The attack could only have been carried out with Egypt’s cooperation; IAF would have needed permission to fly over Egyptian airspace.

The vehicle drove close to Gilad Farm in the West Bank, where Arabs routinely trespass and assault Jews, so the settlers tried to ward them off.

Police rarely arrest Arabs for stone-throwing, which is a common occupation for hundreds of them.

Israeli outpostIDF destroyed the Maoz Esther outpost.

The illegal Palestinian construction in Jerusalem enjoys the support of Israeli courts and rioting Arab mobs. In the meantime, the Israeli army continues to destroy Jewish houses.