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The Jerusalem Post reports on the mufti’s exhibition in the US Holocaust Museum. In this exhibition, the famous Nazi collaborator—a personal guest of Hitler and a close friend of major Nazi officials—is pictured as an innocent Arab leader whose national aspirations were incompatible with German imperialism. The museum chose to ignore Husseini’s well-known involvement in murder and genocidal incitement against Jews.

The exposition follows the museum’s earlier efforts to expand the definition of the word Holocaust to include everything down to the relatively generous American treatment of their black slaves.

After the Greek Church in Jerusalem leased a couple of its buildings to Jews, Arabs protested. Evidently, Israeli Arab citizens are as tolerant and ethnic-blind as Jewish liberals strive to be. The Greek Patriarch was ousted and the court battle began to take the buildings away from the Jews. The case is now entering its fifth year.

All the while hundreds of Arabs have lived in the disputed buildings, for which Jews have paid the rent. If that is not enough, the Israeli government issues housing subsidies to those Arabs so they can stay illegally on Jewish property.

The Israeli court turned a sympathetic ear to the Arabs’ arguments that they should not be evicted pending the court’s decision—which might take years because the Church official who signed them is in hiding. In a similar case involving the Hebron Peace House, the court ordered the immediate eviction of the Jewish residents pending its decision.

Netanyahu the economic liberal campaigned on a promise to downsize the government to eighteen ministries. That’s not really a change, since most of the ministries were to be renamed “committees.” Nevertheless, the words were sweet.

Now that his coalition deal is complete, Netanyahu has ended up with twenty-seven ministries and billions of shekels in coalition promises. A few months ago, he screamed murder when Shas demanded a billion shekels in subsidies for joining Livni’s coalition. Now we know that Bibi offered Shas 1.5 billion.

Nor is Livni any better. Her now unflinching support for a Palestinian state contrasts with her pre-election speech, in which she essentially supported Lieberman’s position that Israeli Arabs must move to their own state if it is created.

IDF troops went on a routine arrest of a fire-bomber near Beit Dadjan in Samaria. Throwing firebombs at Jewish cars is almost considered an innocent pastime for Palestinian villagers, and is not really prosecuted.

The fire-bombers happened to possess firearms and explosives, which they soon meant to use against Jews.

In view of the pending 1:1,400 prisoner exchange, what would be accomplished by arresting a few more Arabs is not clear.

IDF also found an unusual terrorist vehicle: an Isuzu 4×4 covered with twin steel plates, apparently to protect the driver while he drives into Jews.

Responding to a petition by a “human rights” group, the court removed the age limit (forty-eight) for adoption. Now even eighty-year-olds can adopt a child, toy with him for a short while, and retire to an asylum.

The court’s decision is based on its tradition of nihilism: posing the “Why not?” question rejects common sense and tradition as legal factors.

Commenting on the prospects for peace, Obama remarked that peace can only come through a two-state solution in Palestine. To call the Jewish land “Palestine” is to presume the Arabs are its owners, and Jews the occupiers.

Among other things, Obama does not realize that Palestinians already have two states of their own—Jordan and Gaza; and that Israeli Arabs, such as those from the Galilee Freedom Battalions, do not concede to Jews a state of any size.

Speaking before the Jerusalem Conference of Israeli and Western Jewish businessmen, Netanyahu attempted to sell them his plan to encourage moderation among the Palestinians by assisting their economic progress. Never mind that the PA boasts the highest economic growth-rate of all non oil-producing Arab entities anyway.

At the same time, Netanyahu has promised to strive for peace with the Palestinians. Though he imagines that words don’t hurt, the US Administration will catch him by his words, as they did during his previous term, when Netanyahu was forced to abandon Hebron.

Bibi is not bothered by the basic incompatibility of peace with the PA and Jewish investments there. One can easily imagine the safety level of Jewish investments in an independent Palestine.

An Italian court sentenced a Muslim pilot to ten years for gross negligence. When his passenger jet, en route from Tunisia in 2005, began to malfunction, Shafiq Gharbi left the wheel and prayed.

Rather than following standard procedures to glide the Tuninter 1153 flight to the nearest runway, both Muslim pilots panicked. Having lost the crucial 16 minutes for aimless gliding, they finally decided to crash-land on water.

The curious part is that Gharbi’s prayers might well have been answered; the plane landed on water and 2/3 of its passengers survived.

Gharbi staged the most successful water landing for a commercial jet before the 2008 Hudson landing.

The Palermo court sentenced five other Muslims in absentia. The Tunisian repair technicians installed fuel equipment from a different jet, which led the pilots to believe they have plenty of fuel while in fact they were running out of it.

In compliance with the Obama administration’s request, the Pentagon has renamed its foreign adventures, from “global war on terror” to “emergency operations.”

“Terror” sounded too racist.

Army Radio revealed what is supposed to be a state secret: the unpublished part of the Netanyahu-Lieberman agreement involves constructing 3,000 housing units in Maaleh Adumim beyond the Green Line, to prevent Palestinians from establishing their own “facts on the ground.” Financed by Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Palestinians are conducting extensive illegal construction in the area to connect Ramallah with Jerusalem with an uninterrupted line of housing projects. Many of the houses are empty, built for political purposes only.