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Netanyahu’s coalition terms with Barak might as well have been signed by Yossi Belin: furthering the peace process, committing to honoring all the agreements (including Oslo), pursuing a peace track with Syria, and “enforcing justice” on illegal outposts. Those commitments might push the National Union to leave the coalition—an event Netanyahu would likely applaud, as he is more comfortable with Avodah than with true right-wingers. The NU would be silly to exit the government, because by doing so it would lose a tribune.

But Netanyahu’s commitments might be weasel ones. The agreements require Palestinians to fight terrorism, which they won’t do. Besides the outposts, the commitments include doing something about illegal Arab construction, an obvious nod to the National Union.

The lesson is that however Israelis vote, the government and its programs remain the same.

A distinguished IDF officer, who fought in Gaza and conducted scores of arrest raids against Palestinian terrorists, was arrested for beating a poor Palestinian girl and robbing her of her camera. He is being held in an Israeli prison like a criminal.

As usual, the situation was different. Incited by Israeli ultra-leftists, Palestinians attacked Jewish Hebron residents, and the army had to intervene. Naturally, the confrontation was not nice, and there was violence. The government does not care about Palestinians harming Israeli soldiers, but it has a ready ear for Arab complaints. The officer took away the camera, one of those the leftists supply to Arabs to produce slanted videos of IDF “atrocities.”

The unusually harsh relation of the Israeli Military prosecutor is meant as a lesson to soldiers: don’t you dare take away the Palestinians’ cameras. The fringe leftists who supply them with these cameras heavily influence the prosecutor’s office and the judicial system in general.

When God commanded Jews to establish “justice, justice” in this land, he certainly did not mind this kind of justice.

Police took exaggerated measures against peaceful Jewish National Front demonstrators and their Arab opponents in Umm al Fahm. In a show of equality, police tossed stun grenades and tear gas both on JNF and the Arabs who hurled stones at them. JNF’s people had to enter the town in armored buses.

Guarded by 2,500 police, the demonstrators carried Israeli flags through Umm al Fahm for half an hour, an allegedly incredible provocation against Israeli Arab citizens who waved Hamas flags from their windows.

Though the march was basically quiet, the police had to present it as violent and dangerous in order to justify their repeated refusals of a permit. Irritated by the Arab reaction and the show of PLO and Hamas flags, police arrested scores of Arabs.

Israeli ambulances treated a dozen Palestinians, some of whom were hurt by “friendly fire” from Arab stone-throwers.

A ninety-three-year-old Japanese man, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, is officially recognized as the only person to survive two nuclear attacks. He was severely burned during a business trip to Hiroshima, and came back to his home town of Nagasaki just in time to see the second explosion.

Survivors of the nuclear bombings in Japan have a better-than-average life expectancy, though the effect might be attributed to their slightly better medical care.

The Dow Jones rose almost 7 percent, a staggering increase, on the news of robust house sales. Which is pure nonsense: the increase is unrelated to the domestic economy, and solely due to the fact that foreign investors are buying foreclosed houses by the dozens, and according to some reports, even in the thousands.

The Finance Secretary proposed a trillion dollars in subsidies, shaped as a government buyout of defaulted securities at nominal prices.

Karl Marx rolls in his grave, laughing.

Kamal MidhatKamal Midhat, a Fatah leader in Lebanon, was blown to pieces by a roadside bomb. Fatah accused Israel of the assassination, though it was certainly carried out by Hamas.

Hamas and Fatah are engaged in a deadly battle in Lebanon for control of the Palestinian refugee camps. The battle is over UNRWA funds, indoctrination of residents, and international legitimacy. Hamas controls the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and Gaza, and if it takes over the Lebanese ones, Fatah would be reduced to a sort of Israeli municipal staff in the West Bank.

Tata Nano IsraelThe Marker quoted such an outrageous Israeli price for Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, which will be selling for $2,500 in India and €5,000 in Europe.

After an attempted major terrorist attack in Haifa, police checked the security of local shopping malls. Unsurprisingly, undercover cops easily brought fake explosives to all of the “targeted” locations.

Just how can low-paid, unprofessional security in public buildings thoroughly check every car? Many Arabs are indistinguishable from Jews and speak better Hebrew than immigrant security workers. With a line of cars honking and hurrying to get into the malls’ parking, security personnel just cannot inspect them all properly.

Terrorists have repeatedly gotten through the commercial security checkpoints. But even if the security at the malls were perfect, who could protect all buses and open areas full of Jews? Expelling Arabs is the only solution to terrorism.

The association of proud homosexuals published a poll indicating that 80 percent of gays in Israeli schools claim to have experienced harassment by classmates. Despite intense leftist brainwashing, Israeli children remain naturally hostile to deviants.

The real horror is in the poll’s premise: homosexuality among kids is taken for granted.